Making Gold From The Shadows

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More often than not, new players opt to have a character under the Rogue class than any other class available. Rogue actually excels in creating physical damages to those who have low armors as well as low health. And aside from its ability to incapacitate foes for a long period of time, rogues are using its energy, rather than mana for their fighting abilities. Therefore, rogues can be the perfect class for you if you wish to grind more gold when playing the World of Warcraft. This WoW Gold Guide will surely tell you all the tricks and tips that you need to know if your WoW character is under the Rogue class. No other WoW Gold Guide can give you this much information regarding gold grinding for rogues.

First of all, bear in mind that you really do not need special gears or equipments when grinding gold in World of Warcraft. This WoW Gold Guide would not require you to buy from fellow WoW players. However, it would be very helpful if you do have gears such as the ones that you can get using honor or arena points from PvP, five man instances, ten/twenty men raids, and arena. But in case you do not wish to be involved with guilds and do not like to be a part of the five-man instances, this WoW Gold Guide invites you to get these gears from PvP using honor. Some of these gears include Merciless Gladiator’s Leather Gloves, Merciless Gladiator’s Leather Leggaurds, Merciless Gladiator’s Leather Helm, Merciless Gladiator’s Leather Spaulders, and Merciless Gladiator’s Leather Tunic.

The WoW Gold Guide will also tell you the perfect place where you can grind gold if you are a rogue. Through the use of stealth and high melee damage, you can easily get through low level dungeons going directly to the Boss. An example would be the Stratholme and Scholomance. Through the help of this WoW Gold Guide you will also know what are the items that can be found in these areas which would help your rogue earn more gold. In here, you can find Righteous Orb. This orb usually cost 30 to 40G a piece. Aside from that, you may get blue equipments as well. If the item is Bind On Pick up or BOP you may sell it to the NPC. However, it can be much better if you have Disenchant skill, you can disenchant the BOP. The low level shards usually cost 15 to 20G a piece. Can you find such information on other WoW Gold Guide? Probably this is the best WoW Gold Guide you can find on the internet.

But there are much better items that BOP, and that is the BOE. This is because the low level BOE items are around 20 to 70 G each. Of course, this greatly depends on the economy of your server. If you already found your way, the whole process would only take you 30 to 40 minutes. You will already earn as much as 200 or even more depending on your luck.

WoW Gold Guide Tip: If your rogue has a fishing skill with a level of 320 or more, you may be able to finish a quest and summon Gahz’ranka. Kill Gahz’ranka and if you are lucky, Gahz’ranka will be dropping the Tome of Polymorph: Turtle. Auctioning it would earn you as high as 2500 up to 4000G.

Another WoW Gold Guide Tip: If you are really aiming for a higher gold, the auction house will be your best companion in this game.

Please do remember that this WoW Gold Guide is specially created for those characters under the Rogue class. Although there are some similarities with the other class’s WoW Gold Guide, the equipments and skills mentioned here are for Rogues only. 

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Making Gold as a Mage: Glass Cannon

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The World of Warcraft can never be complete if there is no one to cast magic. The mage, are known for its magic that can be seen in various forms. They can use pure magical energy, frost, as well as fire to cast spells that can be used while in combat. This WoW Gold Guide would make you realize how your character under the Mage class can be your greatest gold farmer. You can buy tons of WoW Gold Guide in the internet but this is the only one that can bring you closer to thousands of gold in the game.

The mage class can attack using magic, single target damage, as well as AOE damage. Most WoW Gold Guides can definitely tell you that the mage class is indeed the best class for farming. This WoW Gold Guide will give the much needed details, the places to go to, and other information that you need to know about the WoW Gold Guide for the Mage class.

Those who are under the mage class can lure as many mobs as they can. They have no fear of getting killed because they can attack through AOE damage. The best place to do so is to go to the Terokkar Forest, specifically around the Allerian Stronghold. There are two creatures that you can attack such as the Warp Stalker and the various kinds of Basilisks. From the Warp Stalker, you can loot the Warped Flesh (drop rate is 37.5 percent). You can sell the Warped Flesh at 1.5 gold a piece. If you do have a cooking skill and apply it to the Warped Flesh, you can sell it as high as 2.5 gold each, depending on your server’s economy.

WoW Gold Guide Tip: In case you are also aiming to farm gold through Basilisks, it would also help if you have skinning skill. Having this skill would allow you to take the skin off the monster and would allow you to acquire a Knothide Leather. The Knothide Leather can be sold as much as 1 up to 2 golds each.

But this WoW Gold Guide is not yet done with the Terokkar Forest. There is no need to go to another place to farm for more gold. Within the Terokkar Forest you can also loot the Chunk o’Basilisk (drop rate 39 percent). The price of the Chunk o’Basilisk when sold at the Auction House is the same with the price of the Warped Flesh (1.5 gold a piece).

Another place that this WoW Gold Guide would take you is in the Outlands. The mage can also attack from far distances just like the hunter. In the Outlands, you can find a place called Nagrand. Not all WoW Gold Guide would tell you about Nagrand. Not because they do not know that this is one of the best spots to farm for gold for mage class, but because they actually do not want you to know about it!

In Nagrand, you can attack the Voidspawns. Take as much as Mote of Shadows as you can. Ten pieces of Mote of Shadows would earn you a Primal Shadow. One Primal Shadow can get you as much as 30 up to 35 gold. This again depends on your server’s economy. Mote of Fires can also be taken. Collect 10 Mote of Fires and convert it to Primal Fire. Do not forget to sell this at the Auction House so that you have bigger chance of earning thousands of gold in no time. This WoW Gold Guide can also be applicable for those characters under the Hunter Class.

Both Mage and Hunters can attack from long range. Therefore, they can simply attack the Voidspawns without sacrificing their health.

Unfortunately, there is a separate WoW Gold Guide for melee class or those who can attack only by getting close to the mobs. Put everything that you learned from this WoW Gold Guide into action so that you can earn thousands of gold in no time. 

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Making Gold From The Druid Class

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If your character is a power spellcaster that has the capability to shapeshift, then you are under the Druid Class. Druids are not strong creatures compared to warriors and rogues. However, they rely on their spells that would allow them to heal. And just like any other class, druids also have the ability to earn gold in the World of Warcraft.

Read the rest of this if your character is under the Druid class so that you may also get tons of gold just like your guild mates and fellow WoW players. This WoW Gold Guide would even allow you to be the richest druid in the game!

The World of Warcraft covers a very wide area. However, there are only certain places where Druids can earn a lot of gold within a few weeks. According to several WoW Gold Guides, Nagrand is the best place to grind gold. We will only recommend you to go to either Scholomance or Stratholme if you are under the Druid class. Druids actually have similarities with the rogue. Rogues too may earn more gold by coming to the said areas in World of Warcraft.

You can get numerous items that you can sell to the NPC in exchange for WoW gold. The Righteous Orb that can be found in Stratholme or Scholomance can earn you 30 up to 40 G a piece. So if you sell as much as 100 Righteous Orb, you will quickly get 1000 Gold without so much hassle.

There are blue equipments that can be found in these two WoW areas as well. These blue equipments can also be sold in the NPC or have it disenchanted. Once these BOP items have been disenchanted you can sell these low level shards for as much as 15 Gold to 20 Gold each.

WoW Gold Guide Tip: Druids can also be involved in quests wherein they can summon Gahz’ranka. It is a Boss (Hydra) that can be found in Zul’Gurub. The Gahz’ranka may drop the Tome of Polymorph: Turtle and can be auctioned starting from 2500 Gold until 4000 Gold. Now that’s one WoW Gold Guide that you would not find in any other guides.

Although this WoW Gold Guide does not necessarily require you to own a special equipment in order to earn more gold, it would certainly help if you have gears or equipments that came from PvP or arena. These equipments can also be taken using honor from twenty men raids, ten men raids, or even five men raids. Most gears that would be helpful in earning more gold are those that are from the Merciless Gladiator sets. You see, this is not only a WoW Gold Guide for Druid class but can also be your general WoW guide at the same time.

Only from this you can find all these tips in earning gold in World of Warcraft. This can be applied for both Druid and Rogue class because both of them are using stealth.

So what are you waiting for? You are done reading this WoW Gold Guide and it’s time to put it into action. This will definitely help you in earning more gold than you expected. 

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Patch 5.3 is a small patch, similar to 5.3, the online time will “earlier than expected players”, next is the 5.4 patch, this is again a new group of large patches.
Blizzard finally constitutes a set of the team in place, can more quickly provide content now.
Try to practice field is still in production, where players can set his mind at to learning how to fight and treatment, don’t have to worry about affect the other player’s gaming experience, but perhaps patch 5.3 and even 5.4 patch will not join. But blizzard is this function still in active production, this function does not belong to that kind of “the future is expected to join” type.
Game players always forward to change, especially to the flawed system for improvement, otherwise the player will feel tired or bored. New expansion should be about 30% of new content, the old content of 30%, and 30% of the old content slightly improved. 

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Very brave PvP plan.
Offer players new or different ways to kill other player may not be the best way to development of PvP. At present the space of existing systems and can be polished, especially some players don’t like the battlefield.
Is currently considered one of the items, to conquer the mountain and the island of packaging, into winter on the lake and thor ballard, adding new large-scale battlefield event. (note: the original is not clear that this period of words too)
Thor island PvP and PvE daily task selection is new technology, can let the player according to the style of the game we want to choose, so you don’t feel must be involved in both styles. 

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Spirits are not fun. WOW is designed is to be with friends to play together!
Blizzard whole role in the research for players to move to the new server convenient point method.
Spirits problem is not simple solution, especially this kind of situation: the players hear mar ganis the PvE server atmosphere is good, or the Kang Derui server PvP atmosphere is good. In this way, players will be transferred to the large population of server, or in the server to the new number, so popular server is more and more crowded, spirits and die faster.
Close or close under is unlikely, because a lot of players on their own servers are have feelings, still have players like their role name, they don’t want to forced emigration, or forced to change name. (this is for European and American clothing) 

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Protect the flag when the surprise

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Generally when easy injury more than 5 layers, also is the time to put all your eggs in one basket, 2-3 home treatment, 6 set, flag in point and so on, each other is also one of the tactics, of course, so, at this time, often a man, or change can turn things around. Typically this happens on both sides, already very dangerous, pay attention to the dispersed to each other, that must put certain situation.

Arathi, gilneas rob some figure
Rob some figure was “close” and “-” will appear more clearly, such ability to rob some figure of the most important is, head count. Arathi, for example, is now more common, 1 start to open investigation, treatment, and to protect to iron hope hold big forces, the rest 6 people impact logging, if I were a priest was assigned to iron, the iron is DE found each other, after the treatment, three people a DPS, then blunt wooden people report, wood, then the best choice is to go to wood as a priest, let knights and iron in tow, three, or the other 4 DPS + treatment beat us 5 DPS + 1, 2 and a half minutes after we are sure to death. Flag figure, pay attention to the early “just war”, not disadvantage, take two spell, if three, the separate treatment in the middle of the road mobile defense, as a treatment for a need to focus on local movements against number, don’t be 1 DPS + 1 treatment hold us 2, is likely to be other points.
If weaknesses, also can use treatment of points, to attack, or adventure 3 treatment 3 DPS feint, vent a bit rest 3 DPS impact point strategy to break the deadlock, no matter how to say the most important thing is, “just war” can’t lose too badly, if not carefully into a team, six attacks, is the other 5 people back home, it is wise to leave early, to avoid giving points away. Especially wild group, must have already have a clear understanding to the head of the style, keep point easy to rob some difficult, personally, I generally prefer conservative point of defending after three o ‘clock, unless you can put each other first drawn to the point, otherwise the risk impact could cause disruptions to our front. 

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The priest carved lines view

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Shadow word: death carved lines: make your shadow word: destroy can be cast on life value above the 20% target, causing 25% damage, at the same time also cause harm to you.
Holy priests don’t need to pay attention to the output skills
Faith leap carved lines: keep your faith leap can remove movement impairing effects from the target.
People’s efficiency is low, do not recommend the glyphs
Lightwell carved lines 1: translate your lightwell: your lightwell automatic ally under the treatment of 50%, do not click.
Automated treatment glyphs, put the lightwell corner melee, still can have some effect
Lightwell carved lines 2: make your lightwell produce additional 2 treatments
Strengthen the lightwell, only add 2 times doesn’t make sense
Reflective shield carved lines: your power word: shield 45% of absorbed dose on the attacker, not a threat
Doesn’t make sense
Vampire embrace carved lines: vampire hugs skills will be you damage the value of the additional 50% into treatment, but the duration for 5 seconds
Holy priests not this ability
Natural imprison carved lines: make your shackle undead skills cast time reduced by 1 second
Basic skills in less than
Inner focus carved lines: release of inner focus when you immune silence in 5 seconds, interrupt, dispel effects
Holy priests not this ability
Inner fire eagle tattoos: the fire of your mind provide bonus to armor increased by 50%.
Think is often a cleaver can have a try, specific effect is of the glyphs, is your armor basis from 30% to 30%, the integrated kitchen knife injury can be up to 7-8%
Inner temple carved lines: inner fire duration, your spell damage by 6%, and the soul will provide movement speed increased by 6%
French knife team, can use the glyphs
Mind spike carved lines: when your heart damage spikes, 6 seconds next mind blast spells you cast time reduced by 50%, the superposition of two layers
Holy priests not this ability now
Psychic scream carved lines: are you psychic scream or affected by psionics spell fear effects of in situ panic rather than escape.
The carved lines is not a good choice
Inner desolation carved lines: reduce cooling your heart desolation spells for 10 s
Holy priests not this ability
Mind blast carved lines: make your mind blast hit crit, immobile targets in 4 seconds
Holy priests not this ability
Restore carved lines: allows you to restore spell every jump effect increased by 33%, but the duration of 3 seconds
Can try to choose one of the glyphs
Smite carved lines: you smite spell for the affected by the holy fire damage increased by 20%
Complete in less than
Prayer of mending carved lines: prayer of mending the first treatment volume increased by 60%, but the total number of treatment to reduce 1 times
Are very worth choosing a glyphs
Spirit of redemption carved lines: to extend the duration of spirit of redemption for 10 seconds.
Point being assisted died after, continue to add blood, suggest there is resurrection time pastor to use plug-ins
Circle of healing carved lines: make your ring can be of additional treatment 1 goal, but blue consumption increased by 35%
Basic use is not recommended
Dissipate carved lines: reduces the cooldown of dissipation of 15 s
Holy priests not this ability
Fade: carved lines of your fade spell makes you damage reduced by 10% for 10 seconds
Small any skills that can be used as keys you need
Floating carved lines: in levitate duration and effect disappeared within 10 seconds, your movement speed by 15%
In less than
Power word: shield carved lines: will your power word: shield uptake into 20% of the amount healed
In less than
Holy fire eagle tattoos: make your holy fire a prompt
In less than
Holy nova carved lines: make your learning skills, holy nova: manufacturing a caster as the holy light in the center of the explosion, the place within X yards target dealing 2835 damage and treatment at most five targets within 10 yards and 6889 health, the life value of the treatment by the treatment target to go halves, the effect is not a threat.
No personal use, but for the point guard open interrupt flag is a little effect
Mind flay glyphs: your mind flay will no longer cause restrictions on the movement speed effect, instead it every time the damage will make your movement speed increased by 15%. Lasts 5 seconds, stacks up to 3 times
Holy priests not this ability
Purify glyphs: each time you succeed to disperse a magical effect or disease, you purify recover 3% of the target limit
Can choose, but is not recommended
Wall carved lines: you can be in a coma when release pain suppression guardian spirit of living
Can choose the PVP to glyphs
Mass dispel carved lines: make your mass dispel cast time reduced by 1 second
Strongly recommended, the priest’s value lies in the group of flooding
Penance carved lines: make your penance can release when moving, but the mana cost increase of 20%.
Holy priests not this ability
Defense fear ward carved lines: reduces the cooldown of defense fear ward and duration 60 seconds
Didn’t help much
Dispels magic eagle tattoos: when you success to disperse the enemy a beneficial magic, you cause 5634 holy damage to the target.
Basic useless
Dark imprison carved lines: allows you to release in shadow form of mending, restore and leap of the faith
This is a sp with carved lines
Small carved lines: these carved lines of battle will not have much impact
I use a combination of glyphs at present:
Lightwell carved lines 1: translate your lightwell: your lightwell automatic ally under the treatment of 50%, do not click.
Prayer of mending carved lines: prayer of mending the first treatment volume increased by 60%, but the total number of treatment to reduce 1 times
Mass dispel carved lines: make your mass dispel cast time reduced by 1 second
Lightwell wartime have certain effect, prayer of mending strengthen treatment of the target of being assisted, mass dispel is the only can let the other people think of the pastor’s skills.
5, the battlefield experience
Write in front 

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Talent glyphs

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The first layer: to control…
Vanity tentacles: 30 SEC cooldown, up to the range of 8 yards within five (5) target for 20 seconds or whiskers were killed.
Relative to the other two, this talent have group control effect, don’t think is often a melee at teammates can help control the point.
Psionic magic: 45 SEC cooldown, summon a psionic magic, for 10 seconds, every 2 SEC cast on a target within 20 yards of fear.
Release has a certain randomness, my personal point of this at the moment.
New ruling will: can control a level of up to 93 of biological machinery.
Arathi, storm has certain practicability
Conclusion: the first layer of talent has a very good role in PVP.

The second: move to…
The unity of body and mind, release the power word: shield and leap of the faith, the target’s movement speed increased by 60%, for 4 seconds.
Feather of paradise: a feather is put in the designated place, pass the feather first Allies movement speed increased by 60%, for 4 seconds, feather can use three times at the same time, each layer has a 10 second cooling independently.
Magic secret: you fade can remove mobile limited, and can’t be the target of remote attacks, for 3 seconds.
Conclusion: personal orientation movement speed to the skills, some of the battlefield, such as mines, movement speed is more important than protect themselves.

The third layer: the blue back to…
Cast light phase: smite, heal, greater heal, fast treatment, binding heal has a 15% chance to trigger the effect, make your next prompt and not consume mana fast treatment, can be stacked 2 layer, can trigger continuously.
Are seldom used article reading skills in the field, so this talent is basically useless
Jiggled demons: change the shadow magic skills to break, demons, break, demons, 1 minute cooldown, summon a jiggled demons attack, for 15 seconds, each hit restores 1.46% mana. Back to blue nonlinear addition by rapid properties
Due to the other two gifts of this layer is bad to use, so only choose this
Holy word: comfort: no blue spells, 1.5 SEC cast, each casting whether hit, immune, reply the caster 0.7% mana
There’s no need to consider
Summary and jiggled demons back to blue is ok

The fourth floor: self-preservation to…
Desperate prayer said: 2 min cooldown, prompt recovery 30% HP. Trigger is proficient in effect, the best overall treatment effect
Very effective since opening h. skills, combat master + sugar + despair mending, plus backward, basic DPS won’t hit you.
Soul camouflage: 30 s cooling, put you in stealth, and raises a stand-in, lasts for 6 seconds or double three attacks so far.
More technical PVP skills, like to use.
Angel barriers: make your life value below 30% of the attacks can be generated when a shield that absorbs HP ceiling damage by 20% for 20 s, built-in CD90 seconds.
Automatic save skills, general life reduce will adopt measures leading to less than 30%
Conclusion: layer of leading talent, individual be fond of choose to despair mending.

Layer 5: output to treatment…
Apocalypse: target of below 20% health, treatment effect caused by increased by 15%, lasts 10 seconds
Basic below 20% 20% is too low a line of blood, directly by various slay
Power infusion: 2 min cooldown, increase casting speed by 20%, down 20%, for 20 seconds, only for their own use.
Stable treatment, a very good skill
The divine insight: : your greater heal and prayer has a 40% chance to trigger, but it will make your prayer of mending don’t trigger CDS, and immediately jumped all the number.
Rating field basic will not use potent treatment and mending.
Conclusion: individual or recommend power infusion 

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‘Star Wars’ vs. ‘World of Warcraft’ – the gauntlet is thrown

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When it comes to “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” the folks at EA who are publishing the massively multiplayer online game clearly have their eyes on a very particular prize: “World of Warcraft” and its 12 million subscribers.

EA wants those players to leave their online universe of orcs and elves for a new online universe filled with Sith and Jedi. And they seem to feel confident players are going to do so.

And as “The Old Republic” launch nears, the game publisher seems to be stepping up the “WoW” vs. “Star” Wars” trash talk.

In an interview with Industry Gamers this week, Frank Gibeau, head of EA Games, suggested that “WoW” is an aging game and that playing it can feel like tending to a “shopping list.”

“When I play ‘World of Warcraft,’ you go and get your quests, and you go and do your quests, but it feels more like doing a shopping list at times,” Gibeau said. “[Our game] is more about talking to characters, learning what’s going on, investing in it, getting emotionally attached to it. You can still go in accessible ways and grind out quests if you want, but at the same time there’s a higher-level story that’s carrying you through ‘The Old Republic.’”

Meanwhile, speaking at the Goldman Sachs conference last month, EA CEO John Riccitiello said they expect “The Old Republic” to get “a big chunk” of the “WoW” market.

Riccitiello also said that the acting and dialogue in “The Old Republic” will make “WoW” look like a “silent movie” by comparison.

Oh snap!

Certainly it’s no surprise that EA is talking up their forthcoming massively multiplayer game. EA has said that “The Old Republic” is their largest project ever and that makes it a big and potentially risky investment.

But “Star Wars” is hardly a David to the “WoW” goliath. No, I’d give that title to “Rift”– the upstart MMO launched earlier this month which has been earning good reviews and a growing following. But, as a new intellectual property, it has an uphill battle to fight if it wants to steal away a significant number of “WoW” players.

“Star Wars” on the other hand has … well … “Star Wars.” And that’s going to help make it a serious “WoW” contender from the get-go.


Yes, some early hands-on reports suggest “Star Wars: TOR” does feel similar to “WoW.” But these are based on just a small sneak peek of what is sure to be an epic game – one that not only features fully voice-acted dialog (unlike “WoW”) but an epic story created by BioWare, a development company highly regarded for the storytelling it brought to games like “Mass Effect” and “Dragon Age.”

Meanwhile, despite having a lot to say about how their forthcoming game compares to “WoW,” the folks at EA insist “The Old Republic” is not a “WoW” knock off.

Gibeau certainly acknowledged that EA learned “lessons” from “WoW,” but in his interview with Industry Gamers he was keen to talk up the things that will make “The Old Republic” stand apart from its massively-popular competition.

“It’s a sci-fi IP, it’s Jedis and Sith, you own your starship, you go to planets, you have the Force; it’s very different than orcs and humans and night elves and the rest,” he said. “On the first level, the IPs are highly different, the gameplay highly differentiated, and the stories highly differentiated,” he said.

In fact, he’s especially keen to point out that with “TOR” it will be “the first time an MMO has actually had a story.”

“We’re not being slavish or imitating them at all. We’re doing our own thing. We’re doing our own unique way,” Gibeau said.

All of this “Star Wars” talk aside, plenty of folks are betting that it will be Blizzard’s forthcoming MMO game “Titan” that will be the game that actually takes down Blizzard’s MMO game “World of Warcraft.”

One thing is for sure, when you’re sitting on the top of the hill, you make for a very large target.

(Check out Industry Gamers for more on “The Old Republic.”) 

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