Barcelona 20,140 Moment: Messi Crowned 0 Crowns

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2014 is definitely the worst year for Barcelona, received no titlesduring the first team, Messi and neymar also mired in controversy withworth of tax evasion. Spain media sport of the world take thisinventory listing Barcelona top ten moments of the year.

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1, Messi and beyond Sarah and Raul


 2, Vilanova Died


3, and FIFA fined


4, Rosell resigned


5, King‘s Cup and League runner-up


6, Enrique replaced Martino


7, the basketball team won the


8, youth Champions League trophy


9, neymar worth case from Macy’s suspected tax evasion


10, price introduced Suarez
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Marcelo: “willing to help his teammates to make us stronger.”

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“And frontcourt play with great players who made us feel very relaxed: they not only make their own goals, but also his teammates.”
Marcelo is in the best phase of his career, Real Madrid recent state hot, there is a credit to him. Carlo Ancelotti’s team is currently in the lead in the Spanish league, the Champions League group leader also won seats in the King’s Cup has been basically locked eligible for promotion to the next stage. Brazilian defender received and Realmadrid TV interview, interview, Marcelo said that the secret to success is unity and team effort:. “Helpful teammate makes us stronger.”

Entrevista a Marcelo

Personal status “I am now in the best possible state of his career. I always want to do better, I hope to be able to play a full strength team to help. I feel good now, in good shape, but I was able to do more Okay. ”
Ancelotti praised “He allowed us to enjoy the race, the team will be integrated into a whole. He knows us great confidence in him, we will go all out for him, according to his deployment to the game, he helped us grow. He is a very the Quiet Man, will face this straight, I think this is the key. I think the other players, including those players playing time limited perception of him is true. ”
“He’s a winner, he’s humble infected with us, and also passed to us to re-start the desire to return to winning ways. We know that to win we must be united.”
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Sanchez Penalty Throw Penalty Have A Clue, Or Who Have Been Betrayed His Teammates Chile

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Arsenal 2-1 win over Queens Park, the Chilean striker Sanchez missed a penalty, but fortunately he played with a wonderful save may therefore bring bad results, but his penalty was why firmly saved, might be behind another mystery. In this game to the first nine minutes when Sanchez penalty kick flew the bottom right corner, Queen’s Park goalkeeper Green saved the ball fell to the ground and accurately. However, this is likely to be the goalkeeper got to help his teammates. According to broadcast the picture can be seen in front of Sanchez throws his right hand fighting tips Green Chile team-mate Vargas.
Because Vargas Sanchez to play with the national team and he is likely to know the latter penalty kick the habit, which is higher than the national interests of the club is another example of it?

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New plate, FIFA 15 Grapevine transfer station

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Just after Christmas, FIFA transfer market of 15 langyansiqi, rumors are flying.

“Daily Star” also reported that Cech’s agent admitted his client and Real Madrid have had exchanges. – Transfers possibilities: 5%

“Daily Star” also reported that Liverpool is still wanted in January Buying Belgian midfielder Nayingelan Rome. – Transfers possibilities: 1%

In addition, rumors Liverpool also interested in the Barcelona B team winger Adama, Barca are willing to let him in the summer of next year leased, excluding buyout clause. – Transfers possibilities: 15%

“Daily Mail” reported at the end of the lease and Hull, Newcastle midfielder Ben – Alpha could return to France, joined the French team in Nice. – Transfers possibilities: 25%

In Italy, in addition to Torres’s news, “Corriere dello Sport” is on there is a heavy today: Inter Milan and Arsenal have reached a lease agreement Podolski, the German people will come in the form of free rent Meazza effect. – Transfers possibilities: 35%

In addition, the famous Italian reporter Dumas economic Austria on his personal website, Inter Milan in January next year intends to sign former Real Madrid midfielder Las – Diarra, currently being negotiated both sides. – Transfers possibilities: 20%

According to the Italian “market” and other media reports, Super Guangzhou Hengda foreign aid Gilardino agreed to join his former club in Florence. Florence is about to Guangzhou Hengda, Gilardino agreement. – Transfers possibilities: 35%

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Herbert Spencer? Scientific Evidence Than This, This Is The Error

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Video games sales tend to spike come the holiday season, and one game seeing growing interest is Electronic Arts (EA) Sports’ “FIFA 15,” with the video game company reporting the United States is not only emerging as the No. 2 best-selling territory but also bringing in new fans to the sport of soccer. “Video games helping to advance the popularity of a sport in America is not a new phenomenon. The Madden games help promote NFL football and the NBA2K series does the same for the NBA. Even UFC video games are being released to help advance the fighting league,” founder and Editor-in Chief of DreamStart Soccer Joseph Hirschhorn Howard told Latin Post. “FIFA plays the same role for soccer in America, and it’s just another way to promote soccer in the U.S.” You can take advantage of the Christmas period, take a look at cheap FIFA 15 coins

New Study Shows That EA Sports FIFA Games Helps Attract New Fans to the Sport of Soccer
The rise in popularity of the video game has given interest in the sport of soccer a big boost with a study conducted by Rich Luker, titled “Luker on Trends – ESPN Sports Poll”. That study showed that 34 percent of EA Sports FIFA gamers end up becoming soccer fans after playing the video game while 50 percent of EA Sports FIFA gamers become more interested in the sport after playing the video game.

Luker on Trends – ESPN Sports Poll Results

Major League Soccer (MLS) has seen how EA Sports has helped expand interest in the sport and partnered with the video game company to help continue with the evolution of the league, including sponsoring EA Sports FIFA 15 launch party held in New York City that also included showcasing their “MLS Next” talent as well as debuting the North American soccer league’s new logo.


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EA FIFA Christmas 15 Servers, Downtime

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The official EA Sports FIFA on Twitter has confirmed they are working with Sony and Microsoft while the FIFA 15 servers seem to be down today. As most of Product Reviews readers are aware by now, PSN and Xbox Live are under attack and have been offline for most of December 25. You can take the opportunity to buy cheap FIFA 15 coins.


Many developers are updating gamers directly on their official Twitter channels, so as expected, we see the same from EA Sports. While it might first look like EA’s servers are down, the fact is PS4, Xbox One, and older consoles are not able to connect or sign-in due to a DDOS directed at Sony/Microsoft. The latest Xbox Live and PSN Status update details services as offline, or “Core Services” being “Limited for Xbox One and 360 owners. This is the biggest outage we have seen in years and of course, it’s on one of the biggest days for online gaming.


You can see the said tweet left by EA Sports FIFA above, which basically answered a question from one FIFA 15 owner that wanted to know why “Ultimate Team is down”. EA made it clear they are “working together” with their “partners to resolve this situation as soon as possible”.

If you try to access most online areas of a PS4 and Xbox One, you will receive error codes. For example, NW-31456-9 is given when trying to see your friends list on PS4, but this is down and PSN is offline right now.


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FIFA 15 provide a comfortable, intuitive and easy experience

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buy fifa 15 coins

There is no doubt that FIFA has been designed for the veteran FIFA player: having played many hours of previous FIFAs, sitting down to play the latest one was a comfortable, intuitive and easy experience. The game came back, the controls were the same, I was still pretty terrible and it was still thrilling and infuriating all at the same time.

Less obviously, FIFA seems to have moved away from the focus on ball control and the defensive game of FIFA 13 and FIFA 14, and towards a more dynamic, aggressive and – frankly – exciting style of play. If you played the last two FIFAs tired of getting mired in the midfield, bored witless by the slow, methodical pace, then you’ll probably find this year’s FIFA the best since the glory days of FIFA 12. It’s still a game built by people hell-bent on reflecting every aspect of the beautiful game, but this time they’ve remembered that FIFA can also be fun.

Realism and Emotional Intensity
On another level, the visuals are consistently impressive. Anyone who describes the players as absolutely lifelike should probably steer clear of Madame Tussauds, lest they think they’re getting blanked by the real Tom Cruise, but they’re certainly closer than they’ve ever been before. Hair now looks more realistic, the kit seems to hang from the body rather than form an integral part, and the various stadiums are magnificently detailed – at least in the Premier League.

Career Mode upgrades
Career Mode in FIFA 15 is going to be better than ever with an improved transfer market and Team Management system. You’ll be able to save time and more quickly jump into the action. Player Growth and Scouts are going to see improvements as well, so it will be easier than ever to choose the best new players for your team and match them up intelligently with your existing players.

Play all 20 Premier League Stadiums
Here’s another reason to buy FIFA 15. This game is going to come loaded with all 20 Premier League Stadiums, virtually replicated with every detail intact, including lifelike detail on the animated LEDs. Find out what it’s like to take the action to every field and come away a winner!

Every game has its imperfections, and FIFA 15 certainly isn’t without them. While player physiques look more athletic, they also look a bit more buff than seems realistic for the majority. There are glitches and bugs, some of which are rather funny—like a player passing his arm straight through his teammate’s body during a celebration. We have yet to see a player float through the air though, which is good! Career Mode could still use some polishing; hopefully next year they will make that a priority. Single-player gaming in general could use some work; EA’s focus seems to be on multiplayer.

More real player faces
Arcadey online gameplay is fun
Corners and headers aren’t OP anymore
More distinction between players with low and high attributes
Up-to-date sqauds and players
It’s by far the best available football game on next-gen

Lack of attention to any game mode not named ultimate team
Rubberbanding/handicap/scripting/whatever you want to call it
End-to-end play can get a bit ridiculous
Near post is OP, Far post is UP

Meanwhile, you can buy FiFa 15 Coins, FUT Coins to enhance your team FUT mode. Coins are the currency in FIFA 15, with which you can secure the best players and useful bonus content.

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FIFA15 Manchester City Tournament Features

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fifa 15

You know the development team at EA Sports is ready to deliver a final player tournament for the year? Well,this means fans of FIFA 15 will be able to watch Manchester City players trying their hand at the football sim which features their own likenesses and special moves.

The footage features appearances from some of the best players of the club, including Sergio Aguero, Samir Nasri, Yaya Toure and Dedryck Boyata.

The first two superstars were part of one team, and in the first match, which featured the classic EA Sports team selection of Barcelona and Real Madrid, they managed to win 2 – 0, with some nice goals delivered along the way.

The second match featured an appearance from the Manchester City team in FIFA 15 (the Toure – Boyata team was close to playing using Manchester United) and the virtual Aguero scored to give his real world counterpart a 1 – 0 win, which wrapped up the tournament.

As always, it’s a shame that EA Sports is not ready to give fans the entire footage taken from the matches, because they would certainly offer more entertaining moments than the heavily edited videos that are available on the official channel.

Player tournaments for FIFA 15 have also been staged using players from Barcelona, Liverpool, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea, and Borussia Dortmund.

Presumably, more will be added next year in order to keep the fan base engaged.

FIFA 15 is making a big push for the holiday market

At the moment, gamers can pick up the special Holiday Edition for FIFA 15 using any digital outlet, which means that players can get access to more in-game currency to spend as they see fit and they have more moves to celebrate the special moments when they managed to score goals.

The game also gives them access to Lionel Messi, the best player in the game at the moment, on loan for a short period when they start the Ultimate Team mode.

At the same time, the developers at EA Sports are running a set of special events for gamers, offering access to special packages for the game and other bonuses.

Currently, FIFA 15 is still selling well, despite being more than three months old, and a major new patch for it will probably be launched in February of next year, delivering the real world transfers during the January window to the football sim and tweaking some core mechanics.

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Destiny Inside the Real-time Battles: A Duel Between Two Destiny Snipers

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This is the Destiny of a 2 person game.

This battle between snipers goes through many stages, all of them hilarious.

At first, I’m expecting MoneyLoo to land a crazy shot off a camping sniper through the tiniest crack between stacks of crates. Then it’s a silly back and forth while the two snipers strafe between hiding behind cover and trying to kill each other.

And then our leading lady manages to avoid three shots very narrowly due to, well, let’s just say some lucky moves. How it went on this long without interference is just our luck, I guess.

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FIFA 15 Delivers Special Ultimate Team Packs for Christmas

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fifa 15 news

FIFA 15 might be one of the biggest launches of 2015 already, but the developers at EA Sports are ready to try and make the title an even more imposing presence in time for the Christmas period by introducing an entirely new set of events designed to celebrate the holiday.

A new ad for the football sim features both Lionel Messi, the leader of FC Barcelona, and Eden Hazard, the playmaker of Chelsea, as they face off against one another while a range of Christmas-appropriate decorations and foods come alive to cheer them on.

The two superstars put in some decent performances, but the animated living rooms give off a rather creepy vibe.

EA Sports is also announcing a 15 Days of FIFA initiative, which starts on December 11 and will run until December 25, allowing gamers to win a range of prizes as long as they keep their eyes on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of the game.

At the same time, the studio is planning to deliver a range of special packs, tournaments and offers for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15, which will become available on December 19 and will be delivered to fans until January 2 of 2015.

EA Sports might have some more surprises planned for those who are still playing its football title, which has recently received its third major title update.

Gamers who have not yet picked up a copy of the title can now order the special Holiday Edition of FIFA 15, which is offered only digitally on the Xbox Live from Microsoft, the PlayStation Network from Sony, and Origin on the PC.

The package introduces the core game, 20 dollars (15 Euro) worth of points that gamers can use as they see fit, and a chance to use Lionel Messi in the Ultimate Team mode from the start as a loaned player.

Gamers also have access to more sneakers for their players and three new special celebrations for those moments when they manage to score goals.

The Holiday Edition of FIFA 15 is a very good deal and it will probably deliver a sales spike during the coming weeks.Enjoy your christmas FIFA 15!

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