The celebrations for Six Years of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

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There will be a celebration – six year anniversary of the introduction of the Ultimate Team game mode for FIFA 15 held by EA Sports in this week, launching a new major event associated with it and give FIFA 15 players a chance to get some free football players, which would save some FIFA 15 Coins for gamers.

Until March 29 all fans will be able to get one free pack every single day as long as they log into the football sim, each of them an occasion to get access to the biggest stars of the sport.

A special Birthday Cup for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is also introduced, with each gamer able to get a rare tradable in-form version of players that were included in previous Team of the Weeks.

Six Years of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Gamers can get access to superstars like Cristiano Ronalso, two types of Lionel Messi, one upgraded and one not, Neuer, Philip Lahm and many more.

To quality gamers need to play at least one match of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team during the week and the official store is also introducing new player packs every day, with EA Sports set to give out more details about them on social media.

Ultimate Team is the most important long-term attraction of the series at the moment

Ultimate Team was largely ignored by the public when it was first introduced because it seemed like just another way to attract attention to the already well developed multiplayer element of the FIFA experience.

Six years later the mode has become one of the main reasons why a lot of fans are picking up the EA Sports football simulator and vast sums are spent in order to secure access to the best players and to create a competitive team.

Six Years of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Recently the developers have introduced an entirely new Price Range concept, placing upper and lower limits for all players, with the long-term expectation that they will make the playing field more level for all those involved.

Recently FIFA 15 also received a fourth major title update, mostly concerned with stability, and EA Sports is at the moment also working on the version of the title that is supposed to be launched later in 2015.

We can’t get more details about the major title update yet, but we will know everything with it in late September.

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Simulating Orlando City vs New York City FC With FIFA 15

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We’ve spoken about position battles on this site many times in the past, and this tournament in Charleston will be the best and last opportunity until the season opener in two weeks. Orlando will play NYCFC, Houston Dynamo and the host team Charleston Battery over the next week and, thanks to FIFA 15 and some clever computer workings (Thanks to ModdingWay for the help), I was able to simulate all three games. Today, however, I’ll be going into detail about the game vs NYCFC.

Orlando’s starting 11 for the game:

G: Ricketts; D Ramos, Collin, St. Ledger, Shea; M Okugo, Higuita, Molino, Kaká, Neal; F Paterson.

Both teams came into the match with a 2-1/2 star rating, making them fairly even. Orlando lined up with its traditional 4-2-3-1 and NYCFC lined up with a 4-4-2 diamond shape. The game itself was fairly similar as well. Possession was fairly close, with Orlando having the slight advantage, 53% to 47%.

New York was able to strike first, after a miscue from trialist Sean St. Ledger in the ninth minute. He tried to pass to the wing to Brek Shea and David Villa came in to take it away. After a few dribbles, Villa crossed it into the box and found the head of Adam Nemec, who placed it into the top left corner of the net over the outstretched hand of Donovan Ricketts.

Orlando began to press higher and create more chances after that, with a shot from Martin Paterson hitting the top of the crossbar in the 37th minute. Heading into the break, NYCFC held a 1-0 lead.

The second half, however was completely different. Orlando came out of the gate firing on all cylinders. After an interception in the 53rd minute, Lewis Neal played a nice 1-2 combination with Brek Shea, eventually leading Neal into the box behind the defense. Neal tried to play a low cross to the waiting Paterson in front of goal, however, NYCFC defender Kwame Watson-Siriboe slid in to push the ball away. Unfortunately for him, he pushed the ball right into his net for the own goal.

After that, it didn’t get any better for New York. Just seven minutes later, Kaká and Kevin Molino came down the right side of the field, played a nice two man game between themselves and eventually got Molino into the box with no one around him. He calmly finished into the left of the net, giving the Lions a 2-1 lead. After the goal, Kaká was subbed out for Tony Cascio and Molino moved into the central attacking mid role. Once there, the former USL MVP began to control the game.

After NYC’s Mix Diskerud turned the ball over in the 77th minute, Rafael Ramos was able to play a beautiful over the top ball to Molino who, after a nice piece of skill, got around the defender and blasted a shot past goalie Josh Saunders from just outside the 18-yard box. This gave Orlando a commanding 3-1 lead with just over 10 minutes to play. After the goal, Orlando subbed out Paterson and brought on Bryan Rochez, while NYCFC brought on Patrick Mullins and Khiry Shelton.

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Blatter thinks that FIFA has more influence than religion

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It’s really funy that football’s world governing body FIFA has more influence than any religion, which Blatter told UTfifa15coins in an interview yesterday. What’s the matter with Blatter?

“FIFA is more influential than any country in the world and every religion due to the positive emotions it releases,” Blatter told Sonntags-Zeitung.

“We move masses. We want to use this to create more peace, justice and health in the world.”

Blatter, 79, said if he was re-elected FIFA president at the FIFA Congress on May 29 he would continue the federation’s reform process.

“We have to do everything to raise FIFA’s credibility,” he said.


Blatter said he want to continue as FIFA president “because the majority of the federations” wanted him to stay.

“I believe in God and I believe in myself. That’s why I can fulfil my duties independently of age,” he said.

Blatter is seeking to win a fifth term in the May 29 election in Zurich.

Former Portuguese international Luis Figo, Netherlands Football Association chairman Michael van Praag and Jordan Football Association president Prince Ali bin al Hussein are the other candidates. All three have been backed by various European federations.

In my opinion, FIFA couldn’t has more influence than religion, which has terrible power and make people crazy!

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FIFA 15 Share Meet the creative director of EA Sports’ games

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The real Manchester City striker Sergio Agüero (left) and as he appears in EA Sports’ FIFA15 game (right) What does it take to be the creative director of one of the world’s most popular computer games? We spoke to Matt Prior of EA Sports’ FIFA series

Creative Review: Creative director of EA Sports’ FIFA games would sound like a dream job to many – can you tell us how long you have been doing this, how you got into it and how you define your current role?

Matt Prior: I have been with EA for about 13 years and started at the most grass roots of levels, as a QA [Quality Assurance] tester. I actually started on [car racing game] Need For Speed but my love of football soon got me onto FIFA QA and then into production and then up to the creative director role. That’s one of the great things about EA, it doesn’t really matter how you got here, as long as you can prove you are great at what you do and have a passion for it, which I think is as it should be within the creative industry. Essentially I started in the trenches and many other producers did likewise.

I ended up in Vancouver [where the FIFA team is based] purely by chance. Prior to joining EA I was actually an expedition leader running overland trips around the world. One of those trips was driving from London to Beijing and back and on the Syria to Pakistan portion of that trip I met my future wife who happened to be from Vancouver. After that trip I worked in Africa for a year, decided I had had enough of sleeping in a tent and ended up moving to Vancouver and getting married. In a local paper I saw an advert for QA testers so I applied and it all went from there. I actually had no idea at that time FIFA was even made in Canada. My friends often joke that it was fate as my three main passions are football, gaming and travel and they all contributed to me ending up where I am.

I am a lifelong gamer and the loft back at my parents’ house is a museum of gaming. From the early Binatone pong stuff through the ZX Spectrum, Megadrive, PlayStation etc: I had them all so an absolute passion for gaming was also in my DNA and is important to have as making games takes a lot of time and effort.

The role of a creative director is pretty complex and multi-faceted but it is essentially to drive the complete game design for the product and franchise. It’s to come up with the ideas that help keep FIFA at the top of its game. It takes a whole lot of very talented people to actually deliver them but essentially as a creative director you help lead and direct those features and the vision.

Liverpool’s Anfield stadium as it appears in EA Sports’ FIFA 15 game. The design team create the stadia using a mixture of architectural drawings and plans and photography: EA Sports sends photographers to the grounds to capture every last detail in order to build the most accurate models possible

CR: How many people work on the game and what are their roles/skills?

MP: We have around 80 core team members and the roles are wide and varied. From the producers/designers who come up with the ideas to the software engineers who write the code to the artists, renderers and sound engineers who make things look and sound great, there is a vast array of roles within the team. There are also a number of central teams who support the making of the games so all told it’s in the hundreds in terms of people who help contribute to making FIFA.

Games have become so big and complex with the expansion of technology that the level and variety of expertise required has grown with it. Gone are the days when a few guys in their garage could knock out an entire console game between them.

CR: How does the process work for each new release – do you have a long-term plan of new features?

MP: We have a long-term vision but our industry is one of rapid change so we need to be agile enough to adapt. Gamers are playing longer and FIFA has become a 24/7 live service, which is a huge change. It’s also not just about a single console experience now. FIFA is available on a vast array of devices so planning for all of that necessitates a longer vision but an adaptable one at the same time. We certainly have defined visions for specific game modes and map out ideas around specific features and what year they will be introduced.

CR: What were the new features in FIFA 15 that you are most proud of?

MP: It’s not a FIFA 15 specific feature as it’s been around for a while but I would say the feature I am most proud of is Ultimate Team [where players can combine past and present stars] as I came up with the original concept for that many years ago. I know so many people who are completely addicted to that and have been for many years and as a games maker there is no bigger compliment than that.

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An insane amount of money off of Brazil’s $15 billion World Cup

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According to a FIFA’s 2014 financial report from UTfifa15coins, we can really know how the organization profited off the World Cup that cost Brazil billions, it’s $15 billion, what an amazing number!

The 2014 World Cup generated $4.8 billion in revenue for FIFA compared to $2.2 billion in expenses. Over the four-year cycle, the event turned a $2.6 billion profit.

FIFA made $2.4 billion in TV rights fees, $1.6 billion in sponsorships, and $527 million in ticket sales.

Much of FIFA’s World Cup spending went to participating teams and confederations ($476 million) and TV production costs ($370 million). FIFA contributed $453 million to the local organizing committee between 2011 and 2014, and gave Brazil a $100 million “legacy” payment after the tournament.

Brazil's $15 billion World Cup

However, FIFA didn’t contribute to the real costs of staging the tournament — stadiums and transportation infrastructure.

The tournament cost an estimated $15 billion, a significant portion of which was public money. Brazil spent $3.6 billion building and renovating 12 stadiums for the tournament. Less than a year later, some of those are turning into white elephants. The $300 million Arena Amazonia in Manaus, for example, held just 11 events in the five months after the tournament.

Widespread protests related to World Cup spending erupted across the country in 2013.

Here were FIFA’s costs and expenses for the tournament:

Brazil's $15 billion World Cup

Brazil's $15 billion World Cup

The 2014 World Cup accounted for 85% of FIFA’s revenue between 2011 and 2014. During the period the organization made a $338 million profit.

I have to say that FIFA is so rich, what’s your opinion about this $15 billion?

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Win copies of signed by Cesar Azpilicueta

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To celebrate the FIWC 2015 live qualification events that have been taking place throughout March, the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook is giving away two copies of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 signed by Spain international and Chelsea defender Cesar Azpilicueta!


To enter our March contest simply follow the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook and keep an eye on our updates. We will be publishing a contest question on the FIWC Facebook page soon. Two lucky FIWC fans that correctly answer the question will receive a prize!

Contest prizes
The two contest winners for our FIWC march Facebook contest will each receive a copy of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 (ultimate edition) for PlayStation®4 signed by Cesar Azpilicueta. Voted as Chelsea Players’ Player of the Year award for 2014, Cesar has become a key figure in Jose Mourinho’s team. Don’t miss out on this chance to own a copy of FIFA 15 signed by the Chelsea man and Spain international.

Follow the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook now and get ready for our March contest! Visit the FIWC Facebook Contest Terms and Conditions page for more information.

Munich is on the horizon! Season 6 of online qualification for FIWC 2015 is currently underway. Don’t miss out on your chance to qualify for the Grand Final in Munich. You could be just 90 matches away from securing a seat at the 2015 Grand Final, where 20 players will compete for USD 20,000 and a trip to the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2015.

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Team new updates for Android and iOS devices

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The FIFA 15 Ultimate Team version 1.3.2 for Android and iOS devices have been released by EA Sports, where you buy FIFA 15 Coins from. In this version, FIFA 15 Ultimate Team mode adds some improvements and new features, such as transfers and updated team rosters, which may have significant effects on this most popular game mode in FIFA 15.

FIFA 15 UT companion app users have been waiting for months to finally get transfers, and with it finally here the app is now far better for it. However, we have a feeling that the updated team rosters section will also be a feature that is well received, as it now offers the user far more ability.

FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, new updates

EA SPORTS has also made several other improvements to the app, which it says helps to increase the overall gameplay and increase stability so that you can use the app in the knowledge that you will not be wanting more, although we feel users will always demand more.

Other new FIFA 15 Ultimate Team features to look out for within the app that can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store includes team updates, such as Xherdan Shaqiri from FC Bayern to Inter, Juan Cuadrado from Fiorentina to Chelsea, Wilfried Bony from Swansea City to Manchester City and finally Andre Schürrle from Chelsea to VfL Wolfsburg.

What do you feel about this version 1.3.2, better or worse? What other improvements do you like with this app update?

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FIFA 15 players of CONCACAF region are aimed at Munich Grand Final

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EA SPORTS™ FIFA 15 players from the CONCACAF region told UTfifa15coins that they would have a seat for the Munich Grand Final, before Online Season 5 of the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2015, which shows their all confidence.

The winners
Team_Quetzal from Mexico and USA-_-SICILY from the United States topped the Season 5 leaderboard, earning themselves a place amongst the Grand Finalists for the 2015 edition of the world’s largest gaming tournament. USA-_-SICILY is no stranger to the tournament, having competed at three Grand Finals to date and finishing in fourth place at FIWC 2012 in Dubai. The Italian-American gamer is counting on his familiarity with the tournament to make him a contender in Munich. “I think it takes experience to win the Grand Final,” he told UTfifa15coins. “In my opinion, I think that I will win this year’s Grand Final.”

Tournament history
To date, only one American has ever won the FIWC title (Nenad Stojkovic in 2010), while USA gamers have also finished with silver medals in 2004 and 2008. Mexico has claimed silver once, but never gold at the Grand Final. Will 2015 be the year that we see another CONCACAF player crowned as world champion? We’ll find out from 17-19 May, the official dates for the FIWC 2015 Grand Final in Munich.

FIFA 15 players

The numbers
Gamers from South Africa enjoyed some statistical success in Online Season 5, leading the highest Average Goals Per Player ratio and also the Most Active Country standings. Almost four million goals were scored from some nine million shots on goal in Season 5. Iran claimed the highest goal success ratio of all competing countries and Wales walked away with the highest percentage of fouls for Season 5.

Host country Live event coming soon
The third and final live qualification event for FIWC 2015 takes place later this month in Germany! One lucky German gamer will win the right to represent their nation on home soil at the Grand Final. We’ll be making a big announcement about our Munich event soon! Follow the FIFA Interactive World Cup on Facebook to find out more.

Last chance to qualify! Do you plan to make it to Munich? You still have time to qualify!

Get your 90 games in before the end of the month and you could win one of the last available seats at the FIWC 2015 Grand Final!

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A battle between FIFA 15′s best players for place at Interactive World Cup

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FIFA Interactive World Cup is one of the biggest video game tournament held by EA Soports, where you usually buy FIFA 15 Coins from when playing the game. It’s obvious that Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge has seen its fair share of drama and League titles won finally.

But little can compete with the excitement generated by the UK qualifier for the Fifa Interactive World Cup, a competition to find the best FIFA15 player in the world.

Competitors came to the John Hollins suite in Stamford Bridge’s West Stand from all over the UK as they attempted to seal a place at the competition’s grand final, which will be held in Munich this July.

Thom Gibbs travelled to West London to witness the event, and spoke to some of the country’s top FIFA players, including beaten finalist Dave Bytheway and Jack Daniels.

FIWC, a battle

The winner of the qualifier was presented with a ticket to the final by Chelsea’s Cesar Azpilicueta, who gave some advice on coping with pressure.

“I’ve had the chance to play for one of the biggest club in the world, Chelsea and for Spain, a World Cup winner and two-time European champion,” he said, “and the pressure is there to win every single game. It’s always the same.”

“If you are nervous you cannot play your game and you are not going to be 100 per cent. The most important thing is to try to be as relaxed as possible and to enjoy it. That’s what I do in big games.

“Sometimes I am more nervous than others, but always, I try to be as relaxed as I can.”

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FIFA 15 Share The Very Best 4.5 Star Teams

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FIFA 15 has been out for ages, we know. But it’s still getting played to death in living rooms and bedrooms all over the world, and rivalries between mates are still burning strong as we near the end of the game’s life cycle.


If you are still battling your mates regularly and often play without 5 star teams, or simply want to avoid the likes of Real Madrid and Bayern Munich in online seasons, we have identified the five best 4.5 star teams to use in FIFA 15, and the line-ups to ensure their effective usage.


If 4-2-3-1 is your favourite formation, you should look to use Bundesliga side VFL Wolfsburg. The key man here is without a doubt Kevin De Bruyne, as his 4 star skills, decent pace and strength, and ridiculous shooting and passing will see him as the focal point of every attack. Shurrle on the wing is a huge bonus, and Caligiuri is no slouch either. The two CDM’s are ferocious workers and you’ve got pace all along the back four. As solid as they come.

Atletico Madrid

Surprising that they are 4.5 stars after last year, but that’s not your fault. Going with Griezmann up top allows him to be more important in the match, and his pace compliments Mandzukic’s ridiculous heading stats. Every goal kick should be aimed at the Croatian striker, and Koke and Turan out wide should be firing crosses into him. Godin and Minanda at the back are rock solid.


If you don’t hate Liverpool then they are a decent option if you like the 3-5-2 formation as they have the perfect players for it. Balotelli needs to start for his FIFA ability, and Daniel Sturridge is one of the most effective strikers in the game. All of Coutinho, Sterling, and Lallana can sprint-dribble with devestating effect, and the back three have enough physicality to stand firm.

FC Porto

Porto are a hell of a lot of fun to use FIFA 15. 4-3-3 suits them best thanks to the pace of Brahimi and Tello, and Jackson Martinez is a beast, but if you prefer two strikers then Aboubakar is a serious handfull too. Quintero’s shooting is incredible, and there’s great balance in midfield with Herrera and Casmeiro sitting. The wing backs are lighting quick too.

AS Roma

Without a doubt the most devestating 4.5 star team to use are AS Roma. Look at that front three, an obnoxious amount of pace. Gervinho, Doumbia, and Ibarbo are uncatchable, so if you get a foot of space you are gone. No back four can cope with them. Behind the sweaty beasts up top you have Pjanic, Nainggolan, and De Rossi who work amazingly well as a three, and you have enough pace at the back to cope well, as long as your not playing Roma v Roma.

More convenient and efficient to buy fifa coins, scan our QR code enter the mobile terminal.

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