Maplestory Guide: How To Get Afterland Twelve Keys

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This guide is based on our previous article about Afterland. You can find some tips on how to get all the keys in Afterland.

All keys must be done in written order, also do not use the keys one you get them, they will be needed for another quest. If quest does not appears then leave the land and enter back in.


1. Land of Warriors: kill balrog and get key, get quest from Vulcanelli
2. Land of Riches: Do all of Joel’s Quest then get 6 gold pieces from Joel
3. Land of Contemplation: Get first key(1 key) from Adler, Talk to bench receive key (2 key), the bench quest is available after you give away your colors to the kids a second time.
4. Land of Innocent: Do all of Tina’s Quest and retrieve key (3 key) from tree trunk in the first room. Get Diary quest retrieve Diary and use in USE tab (4 Key). The tree trunk key is available when there’s Lightning, which should be default as you naturally do the “tutorial” quests.
5. Land of Warriors: use 3 gold pieces and turn in quest for Vulcanelli to receive key (5 key)
6. Land of Riches: talk to bag of gold at top right of the castle and then talk to louie then to horemheb. Accepting the moneybag is only available before you break the castle walls, and you have to do several other available quests first, it wont be available upon the “tutorial” quests.
7. Land of contemplation: accept quest from oblivious soul, kill raven in the third room and retrieve key (6 key).
8. Land of Innocent: talk to silent kid must talk to him until he speaks, get key (7 key), talk to Lonnie, get eyepatch, from any room in Land of innocent, turn in quest for (8 key). Eat the cookies to make it rain
9. Land of Warriors: Talk to the statue then talk to the edgar talk to statue again.
10. Land of Riches: turn in quest to louie and receive key (9 key), do all of Ben’s quest, move to the portal at the left most part and enter the tombstone room. talk the old man and get item for quest (attack the rock at the right most part of the room), turn in quest then accept quest 10 min later. Musr be night, choose bronze tombstone when turning in quest (10 key), leave the room and enter back again. Accept quest from old man again, Teleported to another room attack each tombstone then talk to old man to return to the previous room turn in quest to receive key (11 key). Talk to Mansa then to Mansa’s pile of gold and receive last key (12 key). If Mansa did not shrink and the pile of gold is not there you shoul leave Land of Riches and enter back in. Does not have to be night time for the tombstone maker’s quests. There’s no difference in your choice of Tombstone, but it does let you permanently alter your character’s tombstone when you die. (Gold best preference) Once you get Mansa outside, you have to do a complete land rotation for him to shrink. (don’t just leave afterlands or go to the door map)
11. Go to the Land of Beginning and use the keys.

Hope this article would help you to get the keys easy. More Maplestory tutorials please keep eyes on!

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NBA 2K17 Tips & Guides: How To Get Grand Badge

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Real money can buy NBA 2K17 badges, nonetheless, in order to earn those badges have to be painstakingly earned. As usual, the skills badges has three tiers, including silver, bronze and gold, on top of that, above them are the hall of fame badges. Aside from badges, how to get cheap NBA 2K17 MT?



A Reddit user named sushiondeck recently discovered a badge set greater than Hall Of Fame. These are called the Grand Badges. Once unlocked, they provide players with a special meter which results in a temporary uptick in archetype skills.

For a brief period of time, players with a Sharpshooter archetype can’t miss from reasonable distances. Playmakers, Shot Creators, Point Forwards and other archetypes will experience a similar performance boost. Until now so many players are focus greatly on buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

Players can only get one Grand Badge per archetype. They can do so by earning all Hall of Fame Badges for that particular archetype. Some say a Gold Badge is also required. Once a Grand Badge is unlocked, a red icon will appear under the player. This will indicate when the performance boost can be activated.

Aside from Skills upgrades, gamers also need to develop their character’s demeanor. Listed below are the different Personality Badges which greatly affects a player’s emotional reactions during in-game scenarios:

Reserved: A player who keeps to himself most of the time.
High Work Ethic: Works harder than the typical NBA player.
Friendly: An outgoing player who is well-liked by his teammates.
Legendary Work Ethic: The gym rat of the team. He is hardest worker among his peers.

In addition, speaking of All-Time Great, a players who try himself best to be the best in the business, in accordance to DPS VIP, in the last 15 played game, by posting a high FGA to Assists ratio, the All-Time Great Badges can be earned. At the same time, Are you ready buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT?

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Charles Barkley Rejected NBA 2K17′s Reason

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Now, for NBA 2K17, it has a studio show, including Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson, as well as Kenny “The
Jet” Smith. However,not surprisingly, For Charles Barkely’s absence, it’s conspicuous. In accordance to
Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck. Barkley rejected an offer from 2K Spors, since game developers turned down
his request, on top of that, it’s said to that retired players will be appear in the game. Be sure to take
note though that you have to official sites to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.


Barkley has never been featured in a 2K game as an announcer, despite it being atop of the wish list for
many gamers. Even though the Hall-of-Famer has been known for making controversial comments, he’s revered
as one of the best announcers on television. TNT’s “Inside the NBA” is one of the highest rated shows
during the basketball season mainly due to Barkley’s outspoken ways and his ability to engage viewers. Of
course, so many players are also focus on buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT.

Remember, players don’t get royalties for appearing on NBA 2K unless they’re a cover athlete or are
specially featured as add-ons (for example the Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan legend editions). Therefore,
Barkley’s request is definitely a strange one.

Gamers can still play with Barkley as part of the 1992 “Dream Team”. Despite several requests, the 1992
Phoenix Suns team has not been featured as one of the all-time teams. Barkley won the MVP award in 1993
before leading the Suns to the NBA Finals.

At present, there is no doubt that NBA 2K17 is the hottest selling sports franchise across console
platforms, many people deem that it’s the greatest basketball game ever made. When hearing Barkley both on
commentary, what’s more, as a studio host in the game, It would be very interesting, ahead of NBA 2K18, it’s
expected to 2K and Barkley can work out their differences. Are you now eager to buy cheap NBA 2K17 MT PS4?

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NBA 2K17: 2KTV Episode 8 Answers And Rewards

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The answers and rewards to all questions in NBA 2K17 2KTV Episode 8 are here, so players can earn free VC and Gary Payton MyTeam Card by simply watching the video and inputting the right answers. In this episode, James Harden is coming and shares why he’s successful on offense. Here are the correct answers for Episode 8 of NBA 2KTV.

Here are the correct answers for episode 8, in this episode you can also get a Gary Payton MyTeam Card.

Question: In NBA 2k17, Dew NBA 3x is a special event in which game mode?
Answer: MyPARK – 100VC

Question: Which hall of famer did 2ktv interview?
Answer: Gary Payton – Limited Diamond Gary Payton Card

Question: Where did Julius play in College?
Answer: Kentucky – 100VC

Question: Which house rule for play now do you like most?
Answer: Player’s Choice – 50VC

Question: Which historic nba team has Larry Nance Sr.?
Answer: 89-90 Cavaliers – 100VC

Question: Which game mode do you like to play the Lakers or their players?
Answer: Player’s Choice – 50VC

Question: Which P&R defense is this?
Answer: ICE – 100VC

Question: Which P&R defense is this?
Answer: Hard Hedge – 100VC

Question: POTW
Answer: Player’s Choice – Top Plays Shirt

Want more 2KTV episodes? Check back for more 2K17 news that will help you improve your game!

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