Best Position Types in Madden 17

By sky shine
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Today I will share an useful Madden 17 tips for you, I will introduce three most popular and useful positions for you guys, you will benefit a lot from this article. There are QB, MLB and WR. Here are the detail about them.
Mobile QB
This should allow you to not only benefit from the short pass plays, but also gain a few yards in almost all situations. There is a huge emphasis on defensive mechanics in this year’s iteration which a Mobile QB can easily counter.
Balanced MLB
You basically need to benefit from speed and RAC to tackle the ball carrier quickly and bar advances towards the red zone. You should not only be able to play the edge a little more successfully, but also shift position and even stop the offense.
As mentioned earlier, there is a huge emphasis on defense mechanism and zone defense in Madden NFL 17 which is why it is a good idea to have red zone threat WR. Whenever you find yourself in the red zone, take advantage of play recognition and decent catch rate to make big plays.
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