Data competition! Alonso was in no way inferior to Crosse?

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Halfway through the season in the Bundesliga, Germany run Munich daily for two generations before and after Bayern Munich playmaker Xabi Alonso and Ms Kroes’s performance so far this season had a count, from a data perspective, 33, Alonso was in no way inferior to Crosse.

Prior to the start of the season, Bayern fans have also questioned why loose a young cross but the introduction was very old Alonso, but halfway through the season, seems to have no one will miss the Crosse, as Alonso’s performance worthy of the name of Bayern Munich playmaker.

When previously in an interview, Alonso said: “my job is to keep the game flowing, get the ball from one side to another side, moved from defensive end to the offensive end. “Alonso was in fact doing so.

In data in competition with the cross, Alonso is only inferior to an assists, last season Bayern in the League only to send out 4 assists, Crosby had been at Real Madrid sent out 7 assists.

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