FFXIV Phantom warlocks use experience

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Magic sorcerer’s main job is to assist and reply, said popular point is the wet nurse. But also several attack magic, but the damage is too low, cannot serve as main output. Magic sorcerer’s prestige classes for white magic monks, strengthened the response ability and support ability, advanced conditions for magic sorcerer level 30, sword fighter level 15.

Soil properties of magic, have, early damage but as a general magic sorcerer eye level 22 only attack spells will frequently used, has let the enemy movement slowing effect.

From spells, grade 2 acquisition, with this you can be called a wet nurse.

Wind), low damage, 18 seconds between sustained damage, cannot serve as main output skills.

Auxiliary skills, to recover mana regeneration amount decreased by 20% at the expense of make up 10% against the magic power.

Auxiliary magic, relieve physical damage, and lasts for 30 minutes, magic sorcerer level 16 additional magic damage relief effect.

From spells, wide range of skills, replies to a little lower than junior from spells.

Battle players cannot resurrection spell, resurrection, just learned to pick can only be used in non-combat, magic sorcerer after 28 level can be directly in the battle resurrection.

Attack magic properties, water damage, CD long time, has blown fly effect, can be used after close to the enemy.

Abnormal state restore magic, can remove abnormal state, such as poisoning, silence and action can’t wait.

Intermediate soil properties of magic, magic effect with primary soil attributes.

Magic sleep, let the enemy fall asleep, use more times effect time respectively for 30 seconds, 15 seconds, 7 seconds and recovery after a certain period of time.

Auxiliary magic, reduce our physical damage and magic damage by 10%, after the magic sorcerer level 36 effect increased to 18%.

The basic method of use: As a nurse, so don’t want to output, only need to reply to the team and remove dangerous abnormal state. At first can use magic damage reduce, reduce the pressure of their reply. If you have multiple enemy attack at the same time, you can see a circumstance to several of them falling asleep, let teammates more secure. If his teammates died in the fighting, must be raised as soon as possible, especially T death, if not timely resurrection might be destroyed by the group.

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