FIFA 15 Delivers Special Ultimate Team Packs for Christmas

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FIFA 15 might be one of the biggest launches of 2015 already, but the developers at EA Sports are ready to try and make the title an even more imposing presence in time for the Christmas period by introducing an entirely new set of events designed to celebrate the holiday.

A new ad for the football sim features both Lionel Messi, the leader of FC Barcelona, and Eden Hazard, the playmaker of Chelsea, as they face off against one another while a range of Christmas-appropriate decorations and foods come alive to cheer them on.

The two superstars put in some decent performances, but the animated living rooms give off a rather creepy vibe.

EA Sports is also announcing a 15 Days of FIFA initiative, which starts on December 11 and will run until December 25, allowing gamers to win a range of prizes as long as they keep their eyes on the Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts of the game.

At the same time, the studio is planning to deliver a range of special packs, tournaments and offers for the Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 15, which will become available on December 19 and will be delivered to fans until January 2 of 2015.

EA Sports might have some more surprises planned for those who are still playing its football title, which has recently received its third major title update.

Gamers who have not yet picked up a copy of the title can now order the special Holiday Edition of FIFA 15, which is offered only digitally on the Xbox Live from Microsoft, the PlayStation Network from Sony, and Origin on the PC.

The package introduces the core game, 20 dollars (15 Euro) worth of points that gamers can use as they see fit, and a chance to use Lionel Messi in the Ultimate Team mode from the start as a loaned player.

Gamers also have access to more sneakers for their players and three new special celebrations for those moments when they manage to score goals.

The Holiday Edition of FIFA 15 is a very good deal and it will probably deliver a sales spike during the coming weeks.Enjoy your christmas FIFA 15!

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