First-hand demo report of Tera

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Is currently open public test activities. In the small make up the actual games, do not need room, as long as the characters moves to the village outside can fight any period. The TERA “a large import” without locking mechanism of traditional action class online games, when in a fight much attention to operation technology, as long as avoid monster attack would not have been hurt, and it is also the biggest the TERA of one of the characteristics.

The game is no so-called avoidance skills, when the monster attack, as long as the monster attack move to avoid route, even if it is a very powerful BOSS, will not be hurt at all. In other words, as long as the technology good enough, even without the auxiliary equipment, also can down powerful monsters to get treasures. It is relatively, the player’s attack hits also must personally adjustment, completely from past skills a put, the monster will surely be the game the way of blood.
The eight professional beauty character as you choose

Once the game started, the player must first create role, there are seven race: Highelf (high elves), Baraka (barak card), Castanic (card matchup Nick), Human (Human), Aman (the man), Popori (bobo the), Elin (Irene). First must first choose race then choose one of the eight kinds of professional, this part of the players don’t have to worry about the problem of limited professional race, all RACES are can create eight kinds of professional, just different RACES have racial skills and ability will vary based. Like the human race skills can enhanced capabilities in the blood for a little time, and Irene and bobo the race is with let monster will not attack skill and so on. When choosing a profession, the right role will also change with professional action, the following for the player will introduce the race of profession of wave model. 

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