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Patch 5.3 is a small patch, similar to 5.3, the online time will “earlier than expected players”, next is the 5.4 patch, this is again a new group of large patches.
Blizzard finally constitutes a set of the team in place, can more quickly provide content now.
Try to practice field is still in production, where players can set his mind at to learning how to fight and treatment, don’t have to worry about affect the other player’s gaming experience, but perhaps patch 5.3 and even 5.4 patch will not join. But blizzard is this function still in active production, this function does not belong to that kind of “the future is expected to join” type.
Game players always forward to change, especially to the flawed system for improvement, otherwise the player will feel tired or bored. New expansion should be about 30% of new content, the old content of 30%, and 30% of the old content slightly improved. 

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