Guild wars 2 test codes

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The concern of guild wars 2 “will be released next month to 28. in order to be able to let more players participated in the game at the end of the test, foreign media in a curse are carried out a project on the guild wars 2″ game code issued activities.According to curse introduces, “the guild wars 2, the ultimate test time will from July 20 to 22,, in order to be able to let more players into the game a rehearsal, so for this activity in prepared25000 agame the activation code, which give regular members issued 20000, payment of the platinum member issue 5000, so if there is a need to the website of the players can register to receive.Guild wars 2″ is the North American game producers have open ArenaNet a role playing online games, is guild wars sequel, game.

The background is set for a generation for 250 years in the game world, this to make the biggest change is the focus will be on transfer into a continuous world, the scale of the fighting, will have specific elements of the story of the design of the game copy, and will join players are jumping ability, players can even in the new underwater world water the adventure of fun experience. “Guild wars 2″ although do not need to charge, but from the same, still sell one-time charge client: the standard version price $59.99, $79.99 for digital editions, the entity $149.99 for collector’s edition. At the same time, the game has a lock area set, buy north American version client player logged only North America server (Canada, New Zealand and Australia default issue north American version), Europe version also, with special needs to take into consideration the players choose the client.

Considering the ArenaNet was in March this year announced that the guild wars 2 “encourages players to use cash to buy virtual currency, and confidence with the economy of the gold of the studio system put an end to a threat, the guild wars 2, eighty percent will not be like the EA” Star Wars: the old republic-”, in order to maintain the game community order (especially economic order) and shielding all from mainland China region IP. A portion of the domestic players have participated in the test before the game.


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