How To Scale Damage In PoE Builds

By sky shine
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In Path of Exile, if you have been playing since 3.0 and have always been interested in theorycrafting your own builds and have been getting better at them but one hurdle you have always come across is scaling damage. Even if you use like 20/20 gems and good bases you still have trouble hitting good numbers.

In fact, flat dmg. benefits from high speed, from inc. dmg. from crit mult. Spells benefit much from levels and more multipliers. Ask how to scale a few of those 20/20 gems and more detail can be given. Having enough poe items is always an important things for you.

Path of Exile

The thing is, I see that if you start a build yourself, then only very sight modifications can be made. A pair of builds centered around the same weapon. Both focus on the fact that accuracy enables high effective crit rate and that oskram give crit on acc. Both of them are scaled by the point that dual-wield crit swords have a sweet spot around Ranger start with a lot of crit + speed + phys dmg.

In the case of the juggernaut it’s about the synergy in the ascendancy + hinekora’s + Oskram + Ahn’s might + the sweet spot for DW crit swords. Together it gives a cleave that hits fast, crits often, hits 95% of the time, have heavy crits due to all the crit mult and is easy to scale with sword + dual wield nodes. With poe currency and investment the it could use abyssus and easily have 500k phys.

It also depends on if you are going physical, physical and elemental, ele conversion, Engineering Eternity has a video on scaling all kinds of damage, but I’ll be honest I have not watched it. Attacks scale with weapons, spells with skill gem levels. 20/20 is nothing for spells, try 21/20 with empower 4.

Is Empower 4 that big of a damage boost for spells? I always am interested in one because I love spell builds, but I’m constantly daunted by the price tag.

It’s the best increase you get after you stack your 4 supports for most spells: 20+1 ED gives 150k dps, 21+2 ED gives 167k dps, 21+4 ED gives 210k dps, So 150->210 is a 40% damage multiplier, pretty neat, but expensive.

Purely damage-wise the best way to scale is probably gem level and critical strikes. Add in some cast/attack speed and your tooltip will look like one of those “1 mil ez shaper” forum guides you see around.

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