I’m in a week of tribal undercover, experience the legend to play a game of less to live five minutes of tribal battlefield.

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According to me time in the BBS’s official website PVP observation, BBS’s official website the PVP area only three posts: one kind is to one cloth armour professional daily sympathy, one kind is ask A professional how to play B career, one kind is A horde players all kinds of cry day rob to suffer badly, even somebody said, A tribal war the less to live for five minutes. The first two kind of post not say, but the last type of posts. As a ten thousand union, see horde players Posting, it is really hard to realize the tribe random battlefield exactly is what appearance, just recently have a friend on a business trip, a week can’t touch the computer, so his orc warrior, entrusted to me, let me help him online every day do 25 daily, anyway I at ordinary times is idle, online is in a daze, and in two pieces of calories! @ under so promised. Think of BBS on the battlefield of horde players to complain about, so they hold undercover and spy mentality took his orc warrior, a lot of the random battle line (he battlefield outfit is 390 basic graduation, not yet conquered 403), basically every battlefield is played. And I will put my below this week in tribal undercover investigation briefly summarize the experience.

First to say two of my favorite battlefield: Mr Hill and conquer. I play in the league’s mountain, basically no one of the type, because all know how to play. It is nothing but hedge bai. The somebody else all say Mr Mountain terrain for alliance favorable, this I haven’t studied, but every time I open a tribe alliance than tower is certain. Little criterion ten seconds, then don’t say.

In fact 10 seconds for wild group, and what is not very significant gaps. But I to tribal investigation, I found my chat box didn’t persist, ready to start from until “league win” out of the window.

The opening, someone says, “a man there keep a wave”. I thought “this alliance bad to do,” which know immediately someone said “keep your younger sister, all rushed # $” I thought” this is not you own demise “results began to said the man,” you know what a fart, men keep a wave we absolutely early open tower “period and others have said” the woman the first cut, “a total minutes of preparation time, tribal side could summed up so many different kinds of schemes, visible and not as clever tribe alliance. Results the battle began, didn’t also can take out unified plan. So we they wonder. Is it a blunt % ^ good or keep a man good or kill women. PM on the map, and found that the person return true not a few strands. He saw two team went to the people really man room, still have two teams of people seem to be thirsty, to plunge into the arms of the woman. The last is the success of a dozen men rushed into the-* there. I look at the time, the league than tribes early open tower 20 seconds, I thought 20 seconds, this is. Then don’t know what happened to tribal man room there two teams are completely destroyed, the man was kill, drop 100 reinforcements. This chat box and lively, scold, shout, spray, and said something. Someone shouted “speed home” someone shouted “speed generals”. I then PM on the map, and saw a woman in the room of the wave that tribal don’t know when they came into the graveyard, a large group of tribal with no head is full as flies run map, or is in in the plain with a few scattered when road hog the cut. I was in! @ the door, shout “have T, don’t open JJ too late”. Nobody reason I, a see # $room front several plate armour occupation, the mouse pointer up “retribution” “weapon” “frost”, I was silent for…… 

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