In order to teenagers “TERA” Eileen bare dress will be harmonious

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The TERA “Europe and the United States at the formal operation, but recent players in Europe and America for the game of” Eileen “role and frustration with clothes.

In the past in late August, European and American official home page uploaded the “Eileen” racial role new dress. This type of dress in the stomach and private parts, and other important parts were keep out, this should be health version of the “Eileen” dress.

And according to reporters recently in that, “TERA” game developers South Korea bluehole studio company is with the European and American game a urgent negotiate agency operators. Which they talk content is, little “Eileen” racial role clothes too exposed, could affect the harm and some youngsters players.

So, the game development the company is actively accept Europe and the related Suggestions players, this is also one of the players put forward one of modified version of rendering.

But in the TERA “formal when the open beta test whether” Eileen “ethnic costumes for change health version was uncertain. This South Korea bluehole studio head of the company, said: “we are discussed, and finally whether modifying” Eileen “clothes, are still in the race to search for the optimal plan” 

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