Making Gold as a Mage: Glass Cannon

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The World of Warcraft can never be complete if there is no one to cast magic. The mage, are known for its magic that can be seen in various forms. They can use pure magical energy, frost, as well as fire to cast spells that can be used while in combat. This WoW Gold Guide would make you realize how your character under the Mage class can be your greatest gold farmer. You can buy tons of WoW Gold Guide in the internet but this is the only one that can bring you closer to thousands of gold in the game.

The mage class can attack using magic, single target damage, as well as AOE damage. Most WoW Gold Guides can definitely tell you that the mage class is indeed the best class for farming. This WoW Gold Guide will give the much needed details, the places to go to, and other information that you need to know about the WoW Gold Guide for the Mage class.

Those who are under the mage class can lure as many mobs as they can. They have no fear of getting killed because they can attack through AOE damage. The best place to do so is to go to the Terokkar Forest, specifically around the Allerian Stronghold. There are two creatures that you can attack such as the Warp Stalker and the various kinds of Basilisks. From the Warp Stalker, you can loot the Warped Flesh (drop rate is 37.5 percent). You can sell the Warped Flesh at 1.5 gold a piece. If you do have a cooking skill and apply it to the Warped Flesh, you can sell it as high as 2.5 gold each, depending on your server’s economy.

WoW Gold Guide Tip: In case you are also aiming to farm gold through Basilisks, it would also help if you have skinning skill. Having this skill would allow you to take the skin off the monster and would allow you to acquire a Knothide Leather. The Knothide Leather can be sold as much as 1 up to 2 golds each.

But this WoW Gold Guide is not yet done with the Terokkar Forest. There is no need to go to another place to farm for more gold. Within the Terokkar Forest you can also loot the Chunk o’Basilisk (drop rate 39 percent). The price of the Chunk o’Basilisk when sold at the Auction House is the same with the price of the Warped Flesh (1.5 gold a piece).

Another place that this WoW Gold Guide would take you is in the Outlands. The mage can also attack from far distances just like the hunter. In the Outlands, you can find a place called Nagrand. Not all WoW Gold Guide would tell you about Nagrand. Not because they do not know that this is one of the best spots to farm for gold for mage class, but because they actually do not want you to know about it!

In Nagrand, you can attack the Voidspawns. Take as much as Mote of Shadows as you can. Ten pieces of Mote of Shadows would earn you a Primal Shadow. One Primal Shadow can get you as much as 30 up to 35 gold. This again depends on your server’s economy. Mote of Fires can also be taken. Collect 10 Mote of Fires and convert it to Primal Fire. Do not forget to sell this at the Auction House so that you have bigger chance of earning thousands of gold in no time. This WoW Gold Guide can also be applicable for those characters under the Hunter Class.

Both Mage and Hunters can attack from long range. Therefore, they can simply attack the Voidspawns without sacrificing their health.

Unfortunately, there is a separate WoW Gold Guide for melee class or those who can attack only by getting close to the mobs. Put everything that you learned from this WoW Gold Guide into action so that you can earn thousands of gold in no time. 

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