Making Gold From The Druid Class

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If your character is a power spellcaster that has the capability to shapeshift, then you are under the Druid Class. Druids are not strong creatures compared to warriors and rogues. However, they rely on their spells that would allow them to heal. And just like any other class, druids also have the ability to earn gold in the World of Warcraft.

Read the rest of this if your character is under the Druid class so that you may also get tons of gold just like your guild mates and fellow WoW players. This WoW Gold Guide would even allow you to be the richest druid in the game!

The World of Warcraft covers a very wide area. However, there are only certain places where Druids can earn a lot of gold within a few weeks. According to several WoW Gold Guides, Nagrand is the best place to grind gold. We will only recommend you to go to either Scholomance or Stratholme if you are under the Druid class. Druids actually have similarities with the rogue. Rogues too may earn more gold by coming to the said areas in World of Warcraft.

You can get numerous items that you can sell to the NPC in exchange for WoW gold. The Righteous Orb that can be found in Stratholme or Scholomance can earn you 30 up to 40 G a piece. So if you sell as much as 100 Righteous Orb, you will quickly get 1000 Gold without so much hassle.

There are blue equipments that can be found in these two WoW areas as well. These blue equipments can also be sold in the NPC or have it disenchanted. Once these BOP items have been disenchanted you can sell these low level shards for as much as 15 Gold to 20 Gold each.

WoW Gold Guide Tip: Druids can also be involved in quests wherein they can summon Gahz’ranka. It is a Boss (Hydra) that can be found in Zul’Gurub. The Gahz’ranka may drop the Tome of Polymorph: Turtle and can be auctioned starting from 2500 Gold until 4000 Gold. Now that’s one WoW Gold Guide that you would not find in any other guides.

Although this WoW Gold Guide does not necessarily require you to own a special equipment in order to earn more gold, it would certainly help if you have gears or equipments that came from PvP or arena. These equipments can also be taken using honor from twenty men raids, ten men raids, or even five men raids. Most gears that would be helpful in earning more gold are those that are from the Merciless Gladiator sets. You see, this is not only a WoW Gold Guide for Druid class but can also be your general WoW guide at the same time.

Only from this you can find all these tips in earning gold in World of Warcraft. This can be applied for both Druid and Rogue class because both of them are using stealth.

So what are you waiting for? You are done reading this WoW Gold Guide and it’s time to put it into action. This will definitely help you in earning more gold than you expected. 

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