Marcelo: “willing to help his teammates to make us stronger.”

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“And frontcourt play with great players who made us feel very relaxed: they not only make their own goals, but also his teammates.”
Marcelo is in the best phase of his career, Real Madrid recent state hot, there is a credit to him. Carlo Ancelotti’s team is currently in the lead in the Spanish league, the Champions League group leader also won seats in the King’s Cup has been basically locked eligible for promotion to the next stage. Brazilian defender received and Realmadrid TV interview, interview, Marcelo said that the secret to success is unity and team effort:. “Helpful teammate makes us stronger.”

Entrevista a Marcelo

Personal status “I am now in the best possible state of his career. I always want to do better, I hope to be able to play a full strength team to help. I feel good now, in good shape, but I was able to do more Okay. ”
Ancelotti praised “He allowed us to enjoy the race, the team will be integrated into a whole. He knows us great confidence in him, we will go all out for him, according to his deployment to the game, he helped us grow. He is a very the Quiet Man, will face this straight, I think this is the key. I think the other players, including those players playing time limited perception of him is true. ”
“He’s a winner, he’s humble infected with us, and also passed to us to re-start the desire to return to winning ways. We know that to win we must be united.”
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