Mu Legend: There Are Four Main Character Classes

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Regarding Mu Legend four playable classes, simply put, the Dark Lord looks like a Mage/Warrior hybrid of sorts. The Whisperer appears to be an odd hybrid of Druid and Ranger. The War Mage follows the more traditional Mage archetype with AoEs and line attacks. The Blader is a fairly stereotypical Warrior-type class with taunts and a large sword to swing around. For more information, visit its official game site:


For those who aren’t familiar yet with “MU Legend”, there are four main character classes in the game: Whisperers, Blader, War Mage, and Dark Lord. Each one bringing the best of their worlds while trying to outwit, outmaneuver and finally, defeat their respective enemies.

According to Richard Moon, Head of Global Business at Webzen, It’s now time to go one step further in the publishing of the global version of MU Legend and to please our fans worldwide with a multi-language CBT. This will allow both existing and new players to enjoy the MU Legend experience to its fullest.

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