People who abuse bugs will not be tolerated

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We have recently fixed a GP bug related to the money pouch, and its use within the Duel Arena and the Crucible. Specifically, the bug was only found by players with maximum cash stacks and so is limited to a very small number of accounts. Sadly, some of these accounts have chosen to abuse this bug several times to generate large amounts of wealth. This is strictly against our rules, and always leads to related accounts being banned, wiped clean and left with no chance of ever being accessed again – no exceptions. People who abuse bugs will simply not be tolerated and are not welcome to play RuneScape, regardless of how long they have played or paid for.

We are also removing the wealth from any associated accounts (mules and secondary accounts owned by the same player) found gaining wealth from the accounts mentioned above. As well as the above, there are several other accounts that have accessed the bug but have not abused it. We will be rolling these accounts back to Friday 3rd August, before the bug was being abused and before they gained any wealth from it. We have taken this step to avoid any significant inflation issues and also to keep the game fair to everyone. Since it’s possible that these accounts found the bug by mistake, and were not abusing it, we have decided to offer the benefit of the doubt and not ban them.

Thanks to a new way of analyzing data we can be very sure who was, or was not, abusing the bug. We are 100% sure that the actions we have taken are therefore accurate and we will be using this new data system to help us deal with other issues in the very near future. For those of you concerned about the rare objects being removed from the game after the bans and rollbacks – don’t be. We have several clever and fair ways of making sure that the numbers of these rares (like party hats) remain the same. Lastly, if you experience or hear of a bug in the game, the right thing to do is submit a bug report so that we can review it and fix ASAP. Thanks for reading. It’s very sad for all of us when these things happen, but nobody likes a cheat and actions must and will be taken.


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