Protect the flag when the surprise

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Generally when easy injury more than 5 layers, also is the time to put all your eggs in one basket, 2-3 home treatment, 6 set, flag in point and so on, each other is also one of the tactics, of course, so, at this time, often a man, or change can turn things around. Typically this happens on both sides, already very dangerous, pay attention to the dispersed to each other, that must put certain situation.

Arathi, gilneas rob some figure
Rob some figure was “close” and “-” will appear more clearly, such ability to rob some figure of the most important is, head count. Arathi, for example, is now more common, 1 start to open investigation, treatment, and to protect to iron hope hold big forces, the rest 6 people impact logging, if I were a priest was assigned to iron, the iron is DE found each other, after the treatment, three people a DPS, then blunt wooden people report, wood, then the best choice is to go to wood as a priest, let knights and iron in tow, three, or the other 4 DPS + treatment beat us 5 DPS + 1, 2 and a half minutes after we are sure to death. Flag figure, pay attention to the early “just war”, not disadvantage, take two spell, if three, the separate treatment in the middle of the road mobile defense, as a treatment for a need to focus on local movements against number, don’t be 1 DPS + 1 treatment hold us 2, is likely to be other points.
If weaknesses, also can use treatment of points, to attack, or adventure 3 treatment 3 DPS feint, vent a bit rest 3 DPS impact point strategy to break the deadlock, no matter how to say the most important thing is, “just war” can’t lose too badly, if not carefully into a team, six attacks, is the other 5 people back home, it is wise to leave early, to avoid giving points away. Especially wild group, must have already have a clear understanding to the head of the style, keep point easy to rob some difficult, personally, I generally prefer conservative point of defending after three o ‘clock, unless you can put each other first drawn to the point, otherwise the risk impact could cause disruptions to our front. 

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