Shocked! Enrique will be fined Massey

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Bit by bit, team number one superstar Lionel Messi and Barcelona coach Enrique contradictions are surfacing, according to Catalan daily sport news at Massey, “training”, the Enrique wanted penalty Lionel Messi, but the team’s three captains prevented punishment of Barcelona coach.

The daily sports newspaper in Barcelona don’t cover “scandalous,” the newspaper said, Enrique has waged war with Messi, flames lit Barca bigwigs forced to mediate in the dressing room, I hope coach and superstar to restore peace. But, for now, to let Messi and Enrique reconciliation is very difficult, because the relationship had broken down, and they don’t even speak. Last week, the two men constantly insults at each other, and even threats.

The daily sports newspaper, Lionel Messi absent from practice squad open training session on Monday, Enrique is very resentful, Barcelona coach felt himself offended. That training sessions are for children, but the children did not see his idol. Lionel Messi claims he missed training due to gastroenteritis explained that Enrique is not convinced that the Barcelona coach’s anger is evident, that once he makes a decision with an iron fist: the penalty Lionel Messi!

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