Struggling in the normal difficulty playing the class of Monk

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If you are still struggling in the normal difficulty playing the class of Monk, you need some guides for you. We would launch a set of fast power leveling for Diablo 3 Monk through the Normal Difficulty, Nightmare, Hell all the way to the Inferno. Just keep checking our news part, and you will get the latest news and practical tips. This time we would like to give tips for the normal difficulty 20-30 level. If you have some different opinions, please contact us. The skills are as follows.

I prefer the left button Way of the Hundred Fists. This can give a wide damage in the foes. As to the right button i choose Wave of Light. This skill is really cool when you are in front of the normal Boss. Now we need a skill to get you and your company a quick health back. Breath of Heaven is a perfect skill for this purpose. Other class has no skill like this, so we should make full use of our recovery skill. In the 20-30 level you will get across a block of undead and skeleton, you need a skill to run the position, Sweeping Wind serve you good. As the Runes, you can check the picture we offer.Use this combination and you can get through this level easily. Buy Diablo 3 Gold to buy legendary items is right here with instant delivery.

Are you playing as a the Monk in Diablo 3 and you want to learn the exact way to power level your character to level 60 at lightning speeds? Well, if you are looking for a viable guide to show you how to reach level 60 the quickest way possible, you have come to the right place.We have been addicted to Diablo ever since it was first released. I have been playing Diablo religiously and have developed solid leveling paths to power level my characters to the leveling cap fast in Diablo I and Diablo II.Now that Diablo III has been launched, I have literally devoted hundreds of hours designing the best leveling paths, tips, tactics and strategies to reach level 60 the quickest way possible. Please take attention to our news, we will show you the skills at our latest news. 

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