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The first layer: to control…
Vanity tentacles: 30 SEC cooldown, up to the range of 8 yards within five (5) target for 20 seconds or whiskers were killed.
Relative to the other two, this talent have group control effect, don’t think is often a melee at teammates can help control the point.
Psionic magic: 45 SEC cooldown, summon a psionic magic, for 10 seconds, every 2 SEC cast on a target within 20 yards of fear.
Release has a certain randomness, my personal point of this at the moment.
New ruling will: can control a level of up to 93 of biological machinery.
Arathi, storm has certain practicability
Conclusion: the first layer of talent has a very good role in PVP.

The second: move to…
The unity of body and mind, release the power word: shield and leap of the faith, the target’s movement speed increased by 60%, for 4 seconds.
Feather of paradise: a feather is put in the designated place, pass the feather first Allies movement speed increased by 60%, for 4 seconds, feather can use three times at the same time, each layer has a 10 second cooling independently.
Magic secret: you fade can remove mobile limited, and can’t be the target of remote attacks, for 3 seconds.
Conclusion: personal orientation movement speed to the skills, some of the battlefield, such as mines, movement speed is more important than protect themselves.

The third layer: the blue back to…
Cast light phase: smite, heal, greater heal, fast treatment, binding heal has a 15% chance to trigger the effect, make your next prompt and not consume mana fast treatment, can be stacked 2 layer, can trigger continuously.
Are seldom used article reading skills in the field, so this talent is basically useless
Jiggled demons: change the shadow magic skills to break, demons, break, demons, 1 minute cooldown, summon a jiggled demons attack, for 15 seconds, each hit restores 1.46% mana. Back to blue nonlinear addition by rapid properties
Due to the other two gifts of this layer is bad to use, so only choose this
Holy word: comfort: no blue spells, 1.5 SEC cast, each casting whether hit, immune, reply the caster 0.7% mana
There’s no need to consider
Summary and jiggled demons back to blue is ok

The fourth floor: self-preservation to…
Desperate prayer said: 2 min cooldown, prompt recovery 30% HP. Trigger is proficient in effect, the best overall treatment effect
Very effective since opening h. skills, combat master + sugar + despair mending, plus backward, basic DPS won’t hit you.
Soul camouflage: 30 s cooling, put you in stealth, and raises a stand-in, lasts for 6 seconds or double three attacks so far.
More technical PVP skills, like to use.
Angel barriers: make your life value below 30% of the attacks can be generated when a shield that absorbs HP ceiling damage by 20% for 20 s, built-in CD90 seconds.
Automatic save skills, general life reduce will adopt measures leading to less than 30%
Conclusion: layer of leading talent, individual be fond of choose to despair mending.

Layer 5: output to treatment…
Apocalypse: target of below 20% health, treatment effect caused by increased by 15%, lasts 10 seconds
Basic below 20% 20% is too low a line of blood, directly by various slay
Power infusion: 2 min cooldown, increase casting speed by 20%, down 20%, for 20 seconds, only for their own use.
Stable treatment, a very good skill
The divine insight: : your greater heal and prayer has a 40% chance to trigger, but it will make your prayer of mending don’t trigger CDS, and immediately jumped all the number.
Rating field basic will not use potent treatment and mending.
Conclusion: individual or recommend power infusion 

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