TERA F2P Before and Now

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TERA made its move from being a pay-to-play to a free-to-play game earlier this year. Since then, the game has been experiencing its ups and downs. Here we’re going to take a look at how the game has gotten better and worse, and help compare its F2P version to that of other games.
Positive Benefits of F2P
For the players that didn’t have the disposable income before, or just weren’t sure if they’d really enjoy the game, the effect of it becoming free is an obvious positive. Allowing the players to experience end-game and such, especially without having to pay for it, is awesome! We’ll hit on that more later in the article though.
For players that have been here for a long time, the benefits also shine through. Without even looking at the new Elite status or the lack of having to continue paying to play, just check out the population. Sure, some servers may have queues now, but compared to the seemingly dead state the game seemed to be in prior, I think this is an excellent trade-off. If you’re not interested in the grouping aspect, you still benefit from faster sales on the brokerage, more chatter going on, faster Battlegrounds and faster queues (especially for those that are not at the maximum level yet). And if you wanted to play on a server where you can start fresh with others, the newly released servers are the way to go! 

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