TERA Gold Buying Guide

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For many of you playing TERA, the main attraction of the game comes from the the armor and enhancements you can buy in game. Unfortunately those purchases can sometimes cost an extraordinary amount of in-game gold. To skip straight to the fun of spending the gold vs. having to grind out for hours and days at a time, you can find sites online that will sell you TERA gold for real world money. A quick search in Google will give you hundreds of pages. Fortunately for you, we have narrowed the list down to the most reputable and affordable ones in business today.


This site is basically a review site where you can go and research about shops. There are over 500 shops listed in MMOBUX’s database along with reviews from customers. TERA Gold is available through a myriad of trusted shops.

2. Koala Credits

Koala Credits offers plenty of in-game currency for a variety of games, TERA included. This shop offers testimonials from customers a service which is friendly for everybody; including beginners to advanced players. Koala Credits is fast, quick and reliable with their products. This is a website worth checking out.

As with any service on the web, it would behoove you to read current reviews on the site and talk to the company BEFORE spending any of your real world money! But once you’ve done that, you’ll find that buying gold online for TERA is quite simple! 

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