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“Bait. That’s what it was: bait,” he writes. “I’m just strolling through the Super Adventure Box’s new worlds, see a bauble on the path and head to it. What do I find? My first arrow trap. In the screenie you can barely make out the arrows still firing, although my corpse is well on its way to rigor mortis. And here I thought that the Ninja Assassins were painful by themselves…”


This next screenshot may be a chaotic mess, but it’s a fun chaotic mess that celebrated an important milestone. Fistsinc explains: “Here’s me hanging out in one of the events for the 12th anniversary of Anarchy Online. It’s great to see so many people gathered in Borealis again!”

So where is it written that all video game bosses must be larger than you on a scale of 25 to 50? One of these days I want to lay a smackdown on a minute powerhouse raid boss that completely underwhelms with teeny special effects and feather attacks.

Anyway, Kirk’s bringing us this towering monstrosity today: “I was browsing through old screenshots from my TERA folder and found this pic of my Castanic Priest, Yage, confronting a particularly menacing BAM.”

Personally, I hope that the new graphic engine helps the game experience a second renaissance! Can’t wait to return, myself.

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