The burning expedition

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BLZ’s design BOSS battle system is just high attack, making a roll call, control, magic, diseases, curses and AOE, etc. Actually the saying is correct, at least, from the appearance of wow until now, most BOSS is following the mode, including the famous Alsace and Illidan. Now let’s discuss the version from old to now, which BOSS battle systems make you feel refreshing, but not chiche.

The classic old world
Onyxia: deep breathe. It is the most classical BOSS, as it is the first big group copy BOSS in WOW history. The hint makes most people nervous is “Onyxia takes a deep breathe”. From then on, the age of WOW being net game came.
MC: standing on today’s point, maybe every MC’s BOSS is old form. But from the other side, most of BOSS modes the form.
ZUG: all skilled Harcar. You can face the final BOSS without killing any monster, but you will see all monsters’ skill at the final BOSS.
RAQ: Blu. It is the first time BOSS doesn’t staring at someone to kill, but chasing and staring together.
BWL: Chromaggus. The first random BOSS.
BWL: Nefarian, pointing. When your RL screams SB MS, you still brush. When you heard some screaming with dirty words, could you think how interesting the BOSS it it?
TAQ: Viscidus. It is just a poison.
NAXX: Patchwerk. The famous hatred beat comes after BLZ.
NAXX: Thaddius.

The burning expedition
KLZ: opera, the first randomization of BOSS
BT: bloodseeker, a lot of pointing skills, but this pointing is the first time to be seen.
BT: reliquary of souls. The first invalid mode was brought into battle.
BT: Sand hera silk mistress. Another amazing pointing way.

The wrath of the lich king
EOE: Malygos
TOC: Barak. Full screen AOE is common to be seen and damage blood is also not rare.
ICC:gunboat war. The only BOSS which can use cannon.
ICC:tread the dream ways, think red. Absolute new combat systemAround Azeroth If I can just get through this lonesome day FRIDAY 

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