The TERA “English demo experience against PVP server

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Producer Chris Hager and producer assistant Stefan Ramirez first had a simple explanation. They tell us the game two core: action and depth. Action from realistic action of the fight. First of all we want to know is, the fight is not automatic Tera goal as the center. Unless your mouse have been pointing to the monster, it is impossible to hit. Also in treatment mechanism also is such. You need to gaze at your enemy, in attack a mouse everywhere. At the same time also won’t have read a spell, ability is instant. The game may need to xu li world, but is immediately.

In addition, they also introduced the combat combo systems. In essence, you can set up their own interface combo move, it is two kinds of skills together. So if you release a recruit down attack, so suitable follow-up action can damage the axe is huge cut. In you activate the first set of double skills combo, jump out a hint tell you can press the blank space key (if using the Xbox360 is Y key words) to additional attacks. This is very simple and effective way to hit every professional exclusive attack combination.

And crystal and law array. Crystal is world item drop, in a shop, like “diablo 2″ can be as insert your equipment. They provide for weapons and role of different attribute to ascend, and can be inserted into the other equipment grilled down. Plus dodge, rolling, interactive AI, these to force to the elements of this notice action game has brought a lot of depth.

Chris and Stefan also hope we don’t only focus on the game battle. The Tera “of the world and many other content likewise weight. The game has the most famous of the fantasy writer (RK MacPherson is one) to the writing of grand plot. The story covers the world including 80 pieces of area, 25 cities and villages, and more than 1000 tasks for the player to experience. 

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