The TERA “PAX exhibition experience is very easy to play rehearsal become addicted

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A picture of the game very luxuriant. Excellent design has the environment, role model movement is smooth, skills of animation is the most damage. In a fight, you can feel the impact of the fireball, arrows and the sword of the whereabouts of flash, you find it hard to not be games attracted beautiful pictures. The interface is very simple, most of the screen to the game itself.

Back to fight, En Masse emphasize the key is to move the game, stance and target. In actual combat indeed, it took me a long time to adapt to the need for frequent runners, dodge monsters attack battle. Often is standing still put many magic to remind yourself after can be moved, once I pay attention to this, the battle is easier, I still didn’t entirely understand oneself put what was that spells, but at least they dozen go out is very effective.

In the first wave after the battle, I call a timeout to be a careful look at your skills. Wizards have a wide variety of skills, including some range of magic and direct damage spell, a move the shield skills and a few action range control skills.

Then we see the first boss, is a big game Kaidun hostile forces of a member of the Argons. Argons, according to explain, is a steel race, these terrible mixed with the magic and technology of biological attempt to “TERA” of the world into such as they are. They also mastered the witchcraft, can will die enemy into a obedient unconscious soldiers.

Kaidun fight is not difficult, only need good team cooperation can toppled it. Kaidun skill including a recruit beat and a recruit anger, it will be to a random player waving hands extremely large sword. In general is a stake boss, we were very easy is killed.

The fight in my opinion is very exciting and interesting. I need often move, shun it big sword attack and adjust their positions to maximum output damage. But I found that games in the measure of the attack range when will be difficult, especially when using range skills, because in the ground placed after aperture, need to wait for a few seconds will take effect. Is needed to advance the budget, but an experienced player should be easy to master it.
The second boss, I don’t remember the name, but it is also the same big guy and Kaidun. It before it more difficult than that. Not only will it random charge, the players, the combat process will be obstacles appear, limit the movement range of team. As a team of output in remote, I and Rubo will be responsible for clearing up obstacles, appear in case of too many will we stuck. Finally we sacrifice in the end the fight.

The last of the feeling, I feel the whole demo how great experience, I really like the TERA “battle, but when you are in a copy in the team to be a DPS when you fight it’s difficult/hard to say how the excitement and nervous. I may be more like to try the game or a single part PVP. But, for the time being, or no chance. The results of the demo, I want to say this game I will try. If you are interested 

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