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With the beta sign-up only a week away, we’d like to let you know how the beta will work and how you can get involved in shaping the future of combat in RuneScape! In recognition of the commitment shown by long-term Runescape members, anyone who registers for the beta who has been a member for 12 or more consecutive months will have full, unlimited access to the beta for the entirety of its duration. In addition to this, game developers website will be choosing another 50,000 of their most active and committed members from the remaining pool of registrants. If you’re not selected to participate, though, don’t worry, as all members will have temporary access every weekend from the 7th of July until the beta closes.

There’s a huge amount of news, reveals, videos and general chatter about the combat rework, so I won’t repeat it all here. Suffice to say that it’s the biggest thing we’ve ever tried to do and it has already had thousands of hours of development invested into it. If you want to check it out, the beta will be open to members only, and the combat beta contract item has been delivered to the inventory of every single account today (June 1st). If you want to help them to shape the future of the game, get involved! It’s not all about combat, either (despite the name), as it brings new action bars available for all players.

For a very long while we have all seen the heated debate (flaming) between Runescape players and players from other major MMORPGS, as well as back and forth between the players of those games. Until now, all I’ve seen is random criticisms and rants here and there about how one game is better than the other or one lacks something the other has and all this completely unnecessary bickering between players that shouldn’t be arguing which game is better, but instead should be talking about why they like their game and how much they enjoy playing it. 

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