We’ve been telling stories for years.

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we’ve been telling stories for years. At Blizzard Entertainment, Stories about demons from a plane of eternal torment and insatiable hive-mind aliens ravaging the galaxy. Tales of armies clashing mercilessly across worlds without end. These are big stories, stories that we love—but are they real enough? Do they convey the true humanity of the characters you’ve come to know and love ?

Blizzard Novels for a New Generation,We are proud to announce the impending launch of a series of novels written specifically with younger Blizzard gamers in mind. This series of novels, titled Fledgling Heroes, will focus primarily on themes and topics that are relevant to teen and tween readers while still delivering epic, heart-pounding, page-turning action.

Starting this year, our new Fledgling Heroes series of young adult novels, aimed at our growing tween and teen audience, will give you a chance to watch iconic Blizzard characters fall in love, overdo it with concealer, and tackle that most dangerous of raids: the emergency house party.If you need Diablo 3 gold service, our site is your best chose!

Kruzz has it tough. Ever since his parents sent him away to live in cosmopolitan Stormwind, life’s been bleak. By fate or just a cruel trick of biology, he’s growing faster than the other kids. Everyone makes fun of the way he talks, and Kruzz’s body image issues are so paralyzing that he’s begun to wear a disguise to class.

But then one day, he meets a gnome. Rolli’s a star forward on the flag capture team. She’s inspirational—passionate, hotheaded, and unafraid to break the rules—and shockingly, she seems really interested in Kruzz!



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