Beta Test 3 was Closed


Note that Closed Beta Test 3 starts an hour earlier that the other events. This is due to Daylight Saving Time starting this weekend and stealing an hour away. We’re giving that hour back to you!

We’ve been listening to you and have some great improvements in place for Closed Beta Test 3. We’ve made some small tweaks to the PvP system based on your feedback. It’s now uncool to kill players six or more levels lower than you, and players who do will receive the red name of shame, with their punishment left up to the community. For the exact details, please see our. Our design goal is to give players the tools to run the PvP server and set a framework that encourages meaningful PvP but doesn’t let asshats ruin it for everyone else.

Increasing the level cap to 32 opens up two provinces to explore: the Val Aureum desert lands¬†and the tropical coast of Ostgarath. In addition to discovering the towns of Chebika and Cutthroat Harbor, you’ll be able to venture into Azarel’s Temple, an open dungeon containing small instances. As with any patch we make to the game, we want to hear what y’all think about it! We are constantly changing and planning how to make TERA better, and your community advice is key to that, so please join the discussion about the new patch in.

We are hosting five closed beta tests for TERA from February to April, each lasting about 60 hours for a total of 300 hours. The number of servers, the maximum level, and number of available character slots will increase over the course of the events. There will be no non-disclosure agreement or NDA during any of these events, so feel free to screenshot, film, and write about your experiences, and share them with your friends and guildmates!

Want to join us for this weekend’s closed beta test? How about every closed beta test?¬†from the En Masse store for immediate access to all five closed beta tests and the opportunity to retain your characters and their progress for the duration of the closed beta period.