CABAL Online : Massive ‘Arcane Trace’ Update Released has announced that CABAL Online EU has been updated with a large patch. Called “Arcane Trace”, the update brings an updated crafting system, a new daily boss battle, a new map for players of level 180+ and much more into the game.
A new map, Arcane Trace, accessible to players above level 180
A daily boss battle, with the Arcane Golem of Rage that promises tons of epic loot for players taking part in it
A completely revamped crafting system, rebuilt from the ground up to make crafting more engaging and more profitable
Meister-level items, created exclusively by crafting
New Charm accessories to make characters even more powerful
New bracelets and earrings, up to +8 level
A completely new Dance emote, based on the Shuffle dance from LMFAO!
Find out more about the update on the official CABAL Online site.




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