Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Leveling Guide

This in-depth Diablo 3 Demon Hunter leveling guide is designed to help you with fastest possible ways to hit level cap. Leveling a Demon Hunter, especially solo can be difficult and challenging tasks due to the fact that they are squishy characters compared to Barbarian and Monks. However, with right combination of attack and escape skills you can still manage to solo. Alright, before getting started make sure you follow all the general tips and tricks I’ve shared in my Diablo 3 powerleveling guide. Before delving into Demon Hunter specific leveling guide, you should have an idea of what are shrines, health orbs, way points.

Kiting, escape skills and traps for Demon Hunter power leveling. These three will be your fundamental strategy for survival in PVE and against Boss monsters.Kiting – Hit and Run: You should be familiar with this if you have played other games. Kiting means hit and run. However, if you thought you’re already smart enough then Diablo 3 makes it a bit difficult to kite. Monsters in Diablo 3 are teleport next to you randomly. Especially the rare mob packs. Some of them increase their speed mid battle allowing them to chase you really fast. Moreover, you will also find yourself getting attacked or surrounded from all sides which makes kiting and survival itself difficulty.

That’s where your Escape skills and traps help you. However, they require Discipline which generates slowly. Thus you have to judiciously use these skills. Time them and use them absolutely. Escape skills – Time it when absolutely necessary. Here are the Escape or defensive skills that you can use when things get heated in Diablo 3 powerleveling. Always remember, first try to kite and save the discipline only for close counters. Evasive Fire – Shoot and flip back.