The Pros and Cons of Madden 24

The Pros and Cons of Madden 24

Madden 24 is popular with many sports game lovers, bringing us a realistic gaming experience. Here, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of Madden 24, which we can refer to when we choose this game.

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The Best of Madden 24

Franchise Mode Overhaul

Madden 24 has significantly improved its franchise mode, which had been neglected for years. The game now offers more cities for relocation, updated uniforms, and the ability to relocate immediately as a coach. They’ve also introduced six trade slots, new commissioner tools, and more skill trees for assistant coaches.

Return of Superstar Mode

The game has reintroduced the Superstar mode, a step up from the previous ‘Face of the Franchise’. This mode brings back the combination with more drills and offers real-time feedback on player performance.

Cross-Play Feature

Madden 24 introduces cross-play, allowing players from different gaming systems to compete against each other. This is especially beneficial for the PC gaming community, which is relatively smaller than the console community.


With the return of the mini-camp in franchise mode, players can enjoy various mini-games, both old and new, that enhance the gaming experience.

FieldSense Update

Madden 24 has made catching the ball smoother and more realistic. Players no longer slow down unnecessarily; the game has improved run blocking and pathfinding for CPU running backs.

The Downsides of Madden 24

Lackluster Presentation

While there have been minor improvements in player emotions and interactions, the overall presentation of the game, including halftime shows and announcer crews, could be better.

Limited Customization

Despite some updates in relocation, the game still lacks features like ‘create a team’, custom equipment, and custom tattoos.

Restricted Superstar Mode Positions

While the return of Superstar mode is a positive, players are still limited in the positions they can choose, missing out on options like kickers, tight ends, and offensive linemen.

MUTT Draft Neglect

MUTT Draft, once a favorite mode for many, has been largely ignored in recent updates, making it less appealing to players.

No Cross-Play for Franchise Mode

One of the significant drawbacks is the absence of cross-play in franchise mode at launch, although EA has promised its introduction in future updates.

Whether you’re a die-hard Madden fan or a casual player, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons to determine if Madden 24 is the right game for you. After we choose this game, we can get help from EZMUT, where there are tons of Madden 24 coins for sale, which can help us to build a strong player and get an advantage in the game.