THE FINALS: Top 10 Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Competitive games, THE FINALS, require a combination of skill, strategy, and teamwork. Unfortunately, many players to the Finals may experience some roadblocks on their way to enjoying the full depth of the experience. Sometimes, these mistakes cause minor inconveniences to gameplay, but there are ways to avoid these common mistakes. What exactly do players need to stay clear of to enjoy their The Finals experience fully?

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  1. Playing with Randoms:
    Mistake: Team coordination is essential in THE FINALS, and playing with random teammates can lead to inconsistent performance.
    Solution: Join a competitive Discord server to find like-minded players. Build a long-term stack for better communication, strategy, and overall synergy.
  2. Result Fixation over Team Performance:
    Mistake: Focusing solely on personal results can lead to frustration and hinder improvement.
    Solution: Analyze team performance, coordination, and engagement timings. Identify areas for improvement and work collectively to enhance overall gameplay.
  3. Deathmatch Over Objective Play:
    Mistake: Prioritizing individual kills over playing for the objective, such as cash-outs.
    Solution: Focus on controlling cash-outs, setting up defenses, and stealing enemy cash-outs strategically. Prioritize teamwork and objective play to secure victories.
  4. Dying Without Reason:
    Mistake: Dying unnecessarily wastes time and impacts cash loss on team wipes.
    Solution: Be mindful of survival; avoid unnecessary engagements and use weapons strategically. Capitalize on opportunities, such as third-partying wounded teams.
  5. Stealing Cash Out Too Early:
    Mistake: Stealing the cash out prematurely without proper setup and scouting.
    Solution: Set up on high ground, scout enemy positions, and bait out important cooldowns. Ensure a significant advantage before attempting a cash-out steal.
  6. Heavy Class Stealing Cash Out:
    Mistake: Heavy classes attempting to steal cash outs, exposing themselves without protection.
    Solution: Assign the task of stealing cash-outs to medium classes. If playing a medium, communicate with the heavy for protection using shields or bubble shields during the cash-out steal.
  7. Incorrect Team Composition:
    Mistake: Lack of heavy and medium players in the team composition.
    Solution: Ensure a balanced team composition with both heavy and medium players. This provides point presence, additional cover, sustain, and the ability to quickly res and reset during fights.
  8. Lack of Communication:
    Mistake: Inadequate communication leads to poor decision-making.
    Solution: Prioritize effective communication within the team. Call out enemy positions, cooldowns, and strategies to enhance coordination.
  9. Ignoring Map Awareness:
    Mistake: Neglecting map awareness and failing to adapt to changing situations.
    Solution: Stay vigilant, adapt to map changes, and use map features to your advantage. Be aware of enemy positions, objectives, and potential ambush points.
  10. Underestimating Preparation Time:
    Mistake: Underestimating the importance of preparation time before cash-out steals.
    Solution: Take the necessary time to scout, set up, and coordinate with the team before attempting a cash-out steal. Bait out cooldowns and create a favorable situation.

By avoiding these common mistakes, players can elevate their performance in THE FINALS, contributing to a more successful and enjoyable gaming experience.