The Best Rogue Skills To Upgrade In Diablo 4

Rogues are one of the most complex classes in Diablo 4. But for players looking for versatility, they should look no further than the Rogue. With the right preparation, they can attack from afar with ranged equipment and skills, or get up close and personal with fast and deadly strikes.

This versatility is reflected through the Rogue’s Skill Tree, where different skill combinations come together for a wide range of builds. Naturally, there are a select few skills that should be prioritized over others and then upgraded further to get the best out of them. In this guide, we will show you the best Rogue skills to upgrade can’t be ignored. Also, don’t forget that the U4gm website offers a wealth of information about Diablo 4, such as tips on where Diablo 4 items buy.

Shadow Imbuement

Shadow Imbuement has the Rogue’s weapons dealing Shadow damage. The modifiers improve the critical hit strike rate against Injured foes, making enemies Vulnerable and increasing non-physical damage, respectively. Shadow Imbuement slots perfectly into combinations involving Twisting Blades and Dash, allowing Rogues to carve through masses of enemies with relative ease. Imbuement Skills are an exciting part of the Rogue build as they can really tie everything together.

Penetrating Shot

The Core Skill Penetrating Shot simply fires a piercing arrow in a straight line and deals an impressive amount of damage. It may suffer from its linear restrictions, but modifiers can improve its damage, critical strike chance, or Slowing capabilities. As with most other Marksman attacks, Penetrating Shot is Imbueable. This means it can slot right into any Rogue build, whether they’re focusing on Shadow, Cold, or Poison damage.

Poison Trap

Players can set up to four Poison Traps at once — each applying a staggering 344% Poison damage to any unlucky enough to wander into it. Modifiers can make Poison Trap even better. The Subverting Poison Trap stands out for simply increasing the damage output of the traps even further. Poison Trap suffers against enemies who can move quickly, but with meticulous placing, Rogues can dictate and control the battlefield to their liking.

Shadow Clone

Shadow Clone makes a copy of the player, which serves to mimic their actions for 15 seconds, dealing as much as 60% of their damage in the process. Prime Shadow Clone makes the player Unstoppable for a limited period after summoning the Shadow Clone. Additionally, the Supreme modifier grants the clone additional damage, up to 80% of the player’s own capabilities.

Dark Shroud

Dark Shroud just focuses on improving survivability. It produces 5 protective shadows that follow the player and reduce damage until they are destroyed. Enhanced Dark Shroud decreases the chances of the shadows being consumed, while the other modifiers respectively improve critical strike chance and movement speed. Upgrading Dark Shroud shouldn’t become a priority over offensive skills, but an upgraded Dark Shroud can fit seamlessly into almost any Rogue build.

Shadow Step

Shadow Step is a quintessential Rogue skill. With Shadow Step, the user will become Unstoppable and move through the shadows to attack their target. Then they’ll temporarily receive boosted movement speed to move on to the next. The Enhanced modifier increases critical strike chance, while Methodical leaves them Stunned. Disciplined Shadow Step reduces the cooldown of this impressive skill when it damages a new enemy. This pushes Rogue to have some strategy for using the Agility Skill. Shadow Step should be one of the first skills equipped and upgraded in any Rogue build.

Twisting Blades

Twisting Blades has emerged as the most popular of the Rogue’s Core Skills. It embodies the class’ quick strikes and sets up plenty of opportunity for additional combos with the likes of Dash. With Twisting Blades, players pierce their target with their blades for a limited time, leaving them susceptible to more damage while impaled, before the blades return to them once again. With upgrades, additional modifiers, and Aspects, Twisting Blades can turn a Rogue into a true force of nature.