Albion Online: Changes In Hellgates

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To better match the vision of the developers of Albion Online, the Hellgates dungeons are reworked.

Albion Online – Hellgate between a developer’s vision and that of a player, the gap can sometimes lead to emerging gameplay more or less relevant. And when the developers of the MMORPG Albion Online scrutinize the behavior of the players in the Hellgates dungeons, the result deserves according to them some changes. An article on the UPAlbion website returns to the original concept, and especially the recent modifications to counteract certain behaviors in these dungeons supposed to favor the PvP.


But when death – and the loss of equipment – is at the rendezvous, some players can deploy a lot of energy to avoid it. The escape and use of PvE monsters to change the course of combat are the two alternatives that developers want to mitigate. The changes include designing the map, avoiding an ambush at the entrance and preventing it from turning back instantaneously. Minibosses will provide some PvE challenge, allowing once killed to unlock a boss closing the Hellgate access.

The other novelty is the Hellgates cutting into three levels, depending on the zone (green, yellow and red / black) from which it is accessed. The aim is to promote combat of an equivalent level, with a system of limitation of power for the players tempted by a circumvention of this approach. All these changes must therefore – in theory – lead players to meet and kill each other, the founding principle of Albion Online.

According to where sell cheap Albion Online gold, the new Hellgates are planned to go live with the Hector update.

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