As we know, Tera Co. will conduct TERA’s first scheduled maintenance

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As we know, Tera Co. will conduct TERA’s first scheduled maintenance, during which time we will release a brand new patch, version 1.0.29, to the servers.

The first thing to look forward to is the return of blood, together with the slider to adjust this setting. You’ll be able to see the same amount of blood in the game and on the ground, as you were used to in previous beta tests. In case you would like to see nearly no blood or a reduced amount of blood, you can always change this through the returned slider in the options menu.

Want more good news? Perhaps you would like to instill fear into the hearts of all your enemies and send them running at the mere sight of your guild’s war banner? No problem, because we’ll re-activate the function for uploading your own guild emblems. A number of background changes have been made to the system. Always remember to think before you upload images that might violate the rules of conduct or even the law.

This is just a glimpse of the upcoming patch and there will of course be several bug fixes and improvements coming along with this update. For example you’ll find fixes and improvements for the chat system and the search at the auction house. We’ll release the complete patch notes during the maintenance next week. 

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