Be Continued—The TERA “the professional 6 big ability comment

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Element mage

Elements belong to the composite class teacher career, through to the operation of each element, summon elf or magic elements on the monster to attack.

And group restore and release gain attributes of the state of skills.

Good at using one hand the magic wand.

Gun knight

Gun knight in the team’s main bear lead, MT career, has the high defense, high physical characteristics, and its defense skill does not need to spend time use. But in LianJi aspects than their other professional and the time it takes to some more.

Good at the right hand the gunman left hand shields.

The priest

The priest is typical of the treatment of auxiliary career, in game LianJi aspects of the priest is the biggest challenge, especially in the low level of his magic skills monomer period damage are relatively weak. This also be on the design reasonable, because the treatment auxiliary ability was too strong, can not only a lot of recovery team member’s life, and their own and restore MP and control the ability of blame.

The sorcerer is “TERA” in the symbol of magic, the professional skill is big, attack attack damage range, control skills more features, release skills rendering also very luxuriant. Choose the players in a “machine killer” career to think twice before: oh.

Good at using a dharma wheel. 

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