FFXIV producer’s letter announces A Realm Reborn’s first beta phase

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43rd FFXIV producer's letter announces A Realm Reborn's first beta phase

Final Fantasy XIV fans who have been eagerly awaiting beta for A Realm Reborn only have a little longer to wait. In the 43rd producer’s letter Naoki Yoshida announced that phase one of the beta will begin on February 25th — barring any cataclysmic bugs, of course!

Yoshida admitted that the testing is actually one week later than the roadmap originally indicated. He informed fans that the extra time allows for more system features and character options to be included in this test, such as the random public quest-type Full Active Time Events (FATE). He also noted that while phase one focuses on the areas around Gridania, a level 30 dungeon will be ready for testing. Players can also look forward to the new guildhest (previously behest) system.

Beta invitations for this phase are already on their way, but folks can still apply on the official site.

SmilesMadness Because that’s a terrible idea, one that plagued FFXI for years. This way they can focus on making dungeons better and not limited to the same 3 monster types because that’s all that can be loaded at a time due to mass of players and special effects that will kill frame rates and graphics cards

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