MU Legend: What Will Be Changed/Removed/Added After The Global OBT

By sky shine
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MU Legend gamers are still waiting for any information about the upcoming Global OBT, they hope get bunch of information about MU Legend very soon. They’re expect to see what will be changed/removed/added after the Global OBT. Essentially, you found the game too equal to Diablo 3 spells, wish we see something more like mu spells, like hellfire, I believe we should have more variety of spells too.

MU Legend

Probably, you are tired of waiting for the official date to be announced, you can take your time optimizing the game and fixing the delay on skill animations. You should challenge more and get more rewards, For most players, they have no idea what will happen in game and what guild they will join. Gamers also desire to buy MU Legend Zen & MU Legend Power Leveling in time.

If not having further news of MU Legend, and gamers are likely to getting tired of waiting, undoubtedly, if they continue like this the game will lose a lot of potential players. But fortunately, the Global Open Beta Test soon to be started in September this year. Due to the upcoming Global OBT, and official website also revealed more news about MU Legend.

The Global Open Beta Test has not started yet, but, the game did twice Closed Beta Test. Gamers want to work more on the game before Open Beta Test starts, they would have loved to be part from the in-game events too, but a few things need to be addressed. Check out more here on official website U4GM for cool in-game events.

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