Priest /Mystic—Badges skills improved system detailed revelation

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Badges skills can reduce priest spell CD, extend the duration of state skills, it can let the pastor’s Solo and the auxiliary ability improves. The wind of rebirth is stacked cure the range of skills
Redeemed badges: the light of comfort (5 badge points) improve skills 20% cure effect. Time badges: rebirth wind (5 badge points) improve the effect of the wind of rebirth skills. Courage badges: light punishment (4 badges points) to improve the skills of injury, can make the priest in solo with small-scale group war more useful. Accelerate badges: trial (3 badges points) improve the trial skills sing speed, keep dying teammates. Focus badges: purify wind (2 badges points) reduce the CD time skills, can cure such as dizziness, slow, poisoning abnormal condition.

Badges can increase for the element division target, increasing the use of elements combination, strengthen the various states skills
Chase badges: energy attack (6 badges points) increase energy attack the target lock. Time badges: winding attack (6 badges points) increase the duration of winding attack, to slow down the enemy. Efforts to badges: slow down (4 badges points), this is a special skill itself, he can inflict to slow down, and when players key time to grow more, by the slow time is also more long. Focus badges: the wrath of the earth (3 badges points) reduce the wrath of the skills of the CD. The emblem: sing (5 badge points) reduce elements in releasing the magic sing stage division of the number of times is interrupted. Sing can reduce element division in releasing the magic sing stage is interrupted number of times 

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