Retailers instructed to destroy FFXIV stock

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Final fantasy redo version is ready to open beta, let’s look at it.Is Square-Enix issuing a termination order for store copies of Final Fantasy XIV? That’s the disturbing rumor that’s emerged today, as a retailer on the NeoGaf forums posted an email stating that the company has decreed that stores rid themselves of the remaining stock.

The email states, “Square is discontinuing Final Fantasy XIV. They will be doing a field destroy credit of $16.00 each.”

This move may be in preparation for the upcoming version 2.0 of the title, now called A Realm Reborn, which is slated to release for both PC and the PlayStation 3. A Realm Reborn will actually remove some of the content from FFXIV, possibly necessitating a new product. Square-Enix may also just be looking at rolling out a new package for the relaunched title.

When asked about the rumor, the company declined to address the email and stated that the beta will happen later this year.If you want to learn more content and game service please attention: FFXIV Gil.


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