TERA box refinements and achievements

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The update also has changed the loot distribution of strongboxes, both in terms of what’s in the boxes and where you can pick them up. Older types have been retired, and new types have been added with a somewhat smoother distribution of items. Add to that some class balance updates and an assortment of bugfixes, and there’s plenty for all TERA players to be happy about aside from the upcoming event.


Halloween is almost here, if you count half a month away as “almost,” and TERA is ready to go with its Halloween event starting on October 17th. That means opening up both a low-level and high-level dungeon as well as adding new ways to earn candy for everyone. It also adds new achievements… along with 182 other new achievements added in the same patch, more rewards for clearing achievements, and improvements to the achievement UI. Yes, there’s more to this patch than just pumpkins and ghosts.

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