The nurse career “minister” strategy operation difficulty high

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what class about Priest ?

Key 1 pastor belong to one auxiliary type character!

The priest is to help restore physical enhancement teammates teammates attack effect and still can add various BUFF skill for his teammates.

At the same time, it in the group battles is an indispensable important role.

Key 2 flame rapidly

The priest is to use a variety of recovery and BUFF skill professional skills. At the same time, so long as has the ministry is present, the other player character will not need to worry about your role will have the chance of dying. But said, the pastor excessive use of these skills are likely to feel the ahead of the smell of death.

Key 3 can experience exciting battle process

After three test after, experience the feeling of the ministry for. To experience for feeling ministry is very interesting, and only have to click on the various skills. But after a period of time but found the priest always need to help other people commute.

This process is just like between the life and death of express between feeling, if you have the courage to try it

Typical of the auxiliary type team role career
Weapons are staff: can only carry on the linear range of the enemy
Armor type robes: defense ability is very low
Operation difficulty degrees 9:28 ☆ u u ☆ : three stars, need to use a few attack skill
How easy it is to team up u u u u u: five stars, need to manage the teammates physical strength, and follow the process need to keep busy fighting the profession
A general more likes to help others, has the sacrifice, if you are like fearless dedication choose it 

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