Closed the Beta Test 2


Howdy all!

In Closed Beta Test 2, the biggest new addition was probably our player-versus-player introduction. We opened two new PvP servers with an open-world PvP design (short of safety zones in cities). This combined with a guild-versus-guild declaration system made for an interesting weekend! To sum it up, the PvP players REALLY like killing each other. Across our two PvP servers, players racked up over 50,000 kills and over 150,000 PvP battles. We’ve also seen the formation of roughly 2,000 guilds, and the result was a ton of GvG battles.

As we gear up for Closed Beta Test 3 coming we want to look back at the previous event and see what went well, what could use some tweaking, and what you as players enjoyed.

I will say it wasn’t just the players having fun with the PvP. A few of us in the office formed a guild on one of the PvP servers and wanted to try out the GvG (it’s a little more fun with several thousand people than with our small office). We picked our target—a seemingly small guild—and our guild master declared on them. Right after that, we got a message that someone spotted a few of the rival guild at a specific local and we bolted down there to get our PK on.

Alas, they were gone by the time we all gathered up and rode out, so instead we did a bit of questing in the area and MAY have had a few run ins with some other players. So here we are, a small guild engaging in some challenging PvP when all of a sudden, we found the other guild—or more specifically, they found us. All of them. They slaughtered us, but we were all laughing because that’s part of PvP—you never know when you’re going to get it handed to you.

As with any tweaks or changes we make to the game, we want to hear what y’all think about it! We are constantly changing and planning how to make TERA better, and your community advice is key to that, so keep it coming!