Give a greet to our RP Server now


If you’ve visited our forums lately, you were bound to see a thread requesting roleplay support. We’ve been listening to the roleplay community and are excited to announce that we will be providing a PvE roleplay server named “Celestial Hills” for early character creation and open beta. If we need additional roleplay servers as we move to open beta and eventually launch, we’ll add them as necessary.

And some commonly asked questions regarding the level of support En Masse plans to provide relating to the rules for acceptable roleplay names and behavior. We know that roleplayers have strong feelings about roleplay rules, and that those rules are complicated to administer fairly and uniformly, so we welcome your constructive feedback on our draft proposal.

An MMO launch is a very hectic time—the perfect storm of new players, servers, account management systems, and more means that even the oversized support team we’ve built may have challenges keeping up with demand. Our support staff wants nothing more than to ensure the best overall experience to all our players. Consequently, we will not be handling roleplaying “name review” requests for the first 60 days after launch. Once the launch frenzy has died down, we will increase our support for this aspect of the roleplaying server.

We hope that a roleplay server and our active support of roleplaying—both with game features and customer support—will give you everything you need to enjoy your TERA experience.