FFXIV Held Seasonal Event Hatching-tide

Square Enix held an annual seasonal event “Hatching-tide” at MMORPG “Final Fantasy XIV (hereinafter referred to as FFXIV)” for PlayStation 4 / Windows / Mac from March 20 to April 2.

At the Mih Khetto Amphitheater, Gilli Ariapod, the organizer of ‘Hatching-tide’, also appeared this year. You can receive Quest “Major Incident of Hatching-tide” from NPC “Nonotta”. Quest details and rewards you can earn are featured on special sites.


Event Story

The festival “Hatching-tide” sponsored by Mikotte’s girl “Jihli Aliapoh” is very popular for playing with people searching for decorated eggs with gifts. The beginning of the first place was to start an event in reality as announced by the mysterious “dream” that Jihli saw. In fact, friends who love Jihli are striving behind the scenes to reproduce their dreams every time… it is a secret to Jihli.

But this time it is a giraffe that she has not seen the dream of the announcement. Furthermore, some decorated eggs made hard are stolen by someone, what will happen to “Hatching-tide”?

Limited menus appear at Eorzea Cafe from April 2
In conjunction with the holding of “Hatching-tide”, a seasonal event will be held at Eorzea Cafe as well. In addition to a special menu that imagines the event, you get a special luncheon mat when you visit during the period.

Menu information and so on will be announced at the Eorsea Cafe official website at a later date.

Duration: April 2 – May 6
Venue: Final Fantasy Eorsea Cafe Akihabara / Osaka
Entry method: Entry reservation ticket.

Entry reservation tickets until April 15 are on sale at this site
Admission tickets from April 16 to 30 are scheduled to be on sale from 10:00 on April 1.

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