TERA RuliwerInterview: Upcoming KTERA Summer Festival

Q. What do you have planned following the summer update?

The general goal is to answer the needs and wants of the players. We have plans for a cap raise as well as new PvP content. We are preparing these keeping in mind both the casual players and the hardcore players.

Q. When can we expect a level cap raise?

Unfortunately we cannot answer yet but let’s just say we are preparing for it.

Q. Please give us a general idea of the upcoming summer festival events.

With the F2P transition we have gained a lot of new players to TERA. We had recently released the Federation content update but we could not fully satisfy the players with many saying “please give us new instances we don’t need this.” After hearing their voices we solidified the plans of completing the instances we had been preparing and because the majority of TERA’s playerbase will be going into summer vacation we pushed to synchronize the release for summer.

We had originally planned to only release the Magician’s Fortress but with everyone excited and hoping for more after the Federation update we decided to push forward the rest of the instances as well. We have created a sort of “instance dungeon package” with the new instances and set gear that is obtained from them. Of course, there will also be a new set of swim wear costumes.

Q. Could you tell us more about the “Party Incentive System” that will be introduced with the Magician’s Fortress?

The drop rate has always increased with more players in the party but this time around not only will the rate be increased but also the number of items that will drop. While gathering a full party may take some time we wanted to reward the players accordingly for their efforts.

Q. The “Festival of the Sun” is an event with a lot of mini-games, could you tell us about the rewards?

For the festival we’ve introduced the “rug”. There are some minor rewards from completing the quests and once you’ve completed all of them you can obtain the “Magic Carpet”. Reward NPCs will be stationed at all major cities.